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It is not often someone accused of terrorism actually wants to be monitored by Big Brother

zaky mallahTHE first man charged with terrorism in Australia after September 11 was in the running to be a Big Brother housemate and says he has been asked to reapply next year.

 ..Zeky “Zak” Mallah, 29, was in talks with Southern Star Entertainment’s casting producer about entering the house under the false name Allan, before “dropping the bombshell” on contestants that he had once been an aspiring jihadist.

A Big Brother source said Mallah had not made the short list of 25, but had made it through stages of the audition process.

The controversial show returns to TV tonight after a three-year break.

Mallah was found not guilty of terrorism charges when he was cleared of planning an attack on a Commonwealth office in 2005.

A NSW Supreme Court jury accepted Mallah was an attention-seeker, not a terrorist. But he was jailed for two years after pleading guilty to a lesser charge of threatening an ASIO officer.

The Australian-born Muslim said he made threats in “frustration” at being prevented from travelling to Lebanon to see family. He was denied a passport because of his involvement in an extremist Islamic Youth Movement.

“I was just a young 18-year-old loudmouth fighting for my passport,” he said.

“I am a very changed person since my trial. My friends are no longer religious. I would have liked to get the chance for people to see the real me in the Big Brother house,” Mallah said.

“I want people, the whole nation, to understand I have had a hard life after losing both my parents, then being taken to prison for two years. It has taken me a long, tough journey to be where I am today – a happy Australian.”

Mallah said producers had invited him to try again.

“I guess they thought I was too hot to go in. Not hot physically, hot politically,” he said.

Channel 9 confirmed Mallah had been considered.

From what I’ve seen, Mallah does seem to be desperate for attention. For instance, he has a “talkshow” on YouTube. The question is, is he really a “happy Australian” who has renounced his old, Jihadist ways?

It would seem not quite:

I don’t have a problem with Jihad so long as it is self defense

And there’s this:

His website says he first became passionate about a career in the media after he discovered alternate theories behind the fall of the World Trade Centre towers on September 11, 2001.

And he was sacked from a job for posting You Tube videos that showcased “restricted and private” areas of the site!

He also organized and moderated a debate on Sharia law vs democracy..

..and made this video with the pro-Sharia Ibrahim Siddiq-Conlon less than two years ago.

On the other hand, Mallah seems well and truly pissed at some of his co-religionists, who advocate jihad and violence, and whom he feels abandoned him.

Statement by Zaky Mallah to Media personal, Lawyers, Barristers and Islamic Community in relation to why Zaky left ASWJ and GIYC in 2004.

(Sent by email to the above mentioned)

Please note: Zakys email is heavy in criticising ASWJ and GIYC and has used some ‘Heavy tone’ towards them. This is on a personal level and was ment to speak the truth and not offend anyone.

Dear all,

Please read carefully,
In relation to Ahl Sunnah Wal Jammah (ASWJ) in Sydney and in Melbourne, I just need to make some things really clear to everyone who still believes that I am with them. I am not with ASWJ nor do I pray there anymore. I am glad to announce to those who don’t already know that ‘I left them in 2004’. When I was in prison for terrorism from 2003- 2005, ASWJ left me in prison like a dog caged up in a cell without taking any consideration that I was Innocent of terrorism and the fact that I was held under the ‘presumption of innocence’.
For years, ASWJ members have always looked down on me from the Elite to the bottom.

When they use to always talk about Jihad, I got caught up in it to the point where I was charged with terrorism. I don’t have a problem with Jihad so long as it is self defense. As for ASWJ, Where were they when I was charged for terrorism? Where were they when I was at court facing a Judge and Jury? Where were they when I was at Goulburn supermax? What Financial help did they give me while incarcerated? All they done was talk bad about me and incriminated me even more.

Sheikh Tajj and LMA Keysar Trad came to visit me in Goulburn!

In conclusion to all this, I have NOTHING to do with this Group in anyway, shape or form. I regret asking for their help after my release from prison in some issues that i needed help in. The bottom line is, I am happy to have left them. Many of them till this day look down on me for this but quite frankly; I don’t give a rat’s ass! They were never there for me in the first place.
The only thing we have in common is that we have the same Teaching (Islamic Creed) but have nothing to do with them in Sydney and in Melbourne. I have nothing to do with Sheilkh Feiz, Sheikh Abdulsalam or Sheikh Imran. I still hold Sheikh Abdulsalam with high respect but condemn him for leaving me posted in prison- my grudge still stands in 2011. They don’t represent me and I don’t represent them. They preach Jihad from here and then they condemn you when charged for terrorism from there!
Please, from now on, any one who calls me in relation to ASWJ, please note I am not a member with these guys nor do I pray at their Mosque.

Kind Regards,
Zaky Mallah.

And this:

In relation to your comment of Zaky standing out from the crowd. It seems that you may have been ‘innocently’ blind on that day not realising that some of the followers of ASWJ were face covered with the Kaffiah intimidating Melbournians on the streets on Brunswick giving evil dirties at residence, street goers and police on that day! Wheather these guys are still with ASWJ or not, the point is, ASWJ attracts the ‘Behavior of Hated’ in Australia.

Furthermore, Many have been charged with terrorism in Australia- most of which ‘all come from ASWJ! Zaky would love to see the Mushiekh do time at Goulburn! There tough out here and think they represent all Muslims. Let these hot heads do some time at Supermax and see how much of ‘Mujahideen they are’.

They talk about Jihad and killing in Australia and elsewhere but TRUE scholars of ASWJ from Medina and Mecca (Sheikh Aead Al Karnee, Shiekh Mahmouad Al Ghurab and others) condemn Sheikhs from ASWJ in Sydney and their likes who are at most of times, talking about hatred and killing everyone! Not all ASWJ in Sydney are a ‘mirror image of such people’.

[Mod: No relevance and gossiping]

This Shiekh is a good Shiekh but some of his followers are bigoted idiots- His followers think because they carry a massive beard, they think they are Prophets!

Please, you don’t know nothing about ASWJ! So do yourself a great favor and do some research and stop spending 23 hours of your time on Muslim Forums. Do your self a favor and get yourself off the net and do your religion a ‘constructive favor’.

This will be the last comment posted by ZMS in relation to this matter.

Comment by Zaky Mallah.

So while I don’t fully buy into his whole “good Aussie” shtik, he seems to have a bee in his bonnet about his old jihadi friends, which could prove useful.

In other words, forget Big Brother. I’d like to see Mallah interviewed on television about his past associations, including the Sheikhs preaching jihad in the mosques.

That would make for good television.

And hopefully for better grounds to incarcerate their sorry asses.

Update: Interestingly enough, both his website and Twitter account are down.

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