Apartheid Photo Of The Day

Muslim laying on the floor praying for Ramadan inside the Jewish Mahane Yehuda Market in Jerusalem

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My name is Gaia and I live in a gorgeous desert between sand, rocks, hills, and dunes, in southern Israel. I'm here to share stories of interest, my views and personal experiences with you all.

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  • iva

    I run out of words to describe this hateful lier AH
    This morning the main Italian chanel RAI 1 repeated the story and named that mentally challanged dick.

    • http://www.israellycool.com/ Aussie Dave

      I think you meant this comment for a different post

  • juvanya

    It clearly is apartheid. He has to pray in that dumpy area and isnt allowed to pray in nice mosques or even the nice Jew parts of Israel.

    • http://israelitKan Gaia

      So sorry that you called the Yehuda Market a dumpy area.
      Is how markets looks like, prayer time caught him in the middle of his day work, he just spread his prayer rug knelled and prostrate on the ground in humility before God, and God is everywhere isnt it?
      Your view is incomplete, he is a Muslim living and working with his fellows Jews, get payed with “Zionist money” and nobody stops him from practice his own religion.
      Besides, Palestinians working for Israelis earn 87% more, did you know that?

      • mzk1

        He was being sarcastic. Of ocurse Mahaneh Yeshuda (“Camp of Judah”) market is mostly Jewish.

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