Never Say Never


My wife continues to show who has the writing talent in my family.

I’m pretty sure I won’t try scuba diving. I love the sea, the water, the sand, and everything that goes with it but I’m pretty, pretty, pretty sure I won’t actually do it. Anything that involves holding my breath or going so deep beneath the water’s surface that I’m dependent on a tank of oxygen on my back makes me anxious. I’d rather jump out of a plane thousands of feet in the air, climb Mount Everest, or ride the most daring roller coaster ever built. I won’t say, “never”, but I’m pretty darn sure. Never, never, never… never say never. I can easily tell you a few things I never thought I’d do or experience. I never thought I’d have a tube coming out of my nose. I never thought I’d experience a sponge bath. I never thought I’d have to inject myself with a shot everyday. I never thought I’d lose my uterus and ovaries….

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