Food Fitr For A Terrorist

Challah Hu Akbar has found some photos of children handing out candies and baked goods to Islamic Jihad terrorists for Eid al-Fitr.

The photos are crying out for condemnation. And a good mocking.

Praying to their weapons? (This photo kind of reminds me of the Blazing Saddles camp fire scene, except the only thing likely to go off here is a gun)

This kid is smiling now, but he’s likely to not be smiling ten years from now, when he realizes the 72 virgins all look like Yasser Arafat.

“Candygram for Mongo!” (sorry, another Blazing Saddles reference)

“That’s the way we all became the Mahdi bunch..”


“Bye bye kiddies. See you in a few years when you’re all blown up!”

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  • Jim from Iowa

    Never apologize for any “Blazing Saddles” reference. It should be your raison d’etre.

  • uncle joe mccarthy

    pretty much why i do not shed a single tear when one of these kids gets blown to bits

    they have all been infected by the islamic zombie plague

    i dont cry when a zombie kid gets one to the head in the walking dead…so, lo kol shekain

    • Travis

      It is sort of like the Hitlerjugend in 1938.

  • Travis

    I suppose they wear masks in order to appear tough.

  • Travis

    Where’s a hell-fire missile when you need one? Actually the IDF would refrain from killing them because they would not want to kill or injury the Arab children – and that right there is the difference between them and us.

  • Jim from Iowa

    “The Mahdi Bunch” – good one, Dave. Here’s another photo caption: Steven King’s “Children of the Qu’ran.”

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