Antisemitic Moron Of The Day: Adam Schipkie

Meet Adam Schipkie, clearly no Einstein, and probably hates him for being a Jew.


Source: Herald Sun

A MAN being evicted over alleged anti-Jewish abuse and harassment of his neighbours has spent his final night screaming and banging doors

A resident of the Caulfied apartment building, Janet Waite, said she had woken to find blood all over concrete in the driveway of the residence.

“For two hours last night, at least two hours in the middle of the night he was howling and screaming and f’ing and and banging on doors,” Ms Waite said.

“I came out to go shopping and there’s blood everywhere, it’s not the first time.”

It comes after a tribunal yesterday ordered Adam Schipkie, 28, to leave his taxpayer-subsidised flat in the heart of Melbourne’s Jewish community within 48 hours.

Ms Waite said living with the man in the complex had been a nightmare and she would be a lot less worried once he had left.

“Every so often there are awful noises that come out of the front, very loud.

“There are little kids living in these flats and it can’t be very pleasant for the parents when all this stuff is going on.”

Ms Waite said she wasn’t aware of the man’s alleged behaviour towards Jewish neighbours.

“Let’s say it’s a multi-race annoyance.”

He is expected to be evicted from his apartment this afternoon, a removalist truck spent an hour in the complex this morning and left about 12.30pm

VCAT issued the urgent eviction ruling after Caulfield residents gave evidence they feared for their lives if he stayed on at the property.
The unemployed cook did not attend the hearing, but later denied being a white supremacist and told the Herald Sun he felt persecuted by his neighbours.

“Everyone around here has targeted me,” he said.

Mr Schipkie blamed acquaintances who sometimes visited for the anti-Semitic behaviour alleged by his terrified neighbours. One acquaintance had carved swastikas on his neighbours’ cars.

He said he shaved his head because it looked better than long hair, and claimed images of Nazi paraphernalia on his Facebook site proved his love of military antiques, not a hatred of Jews.

“I’m not a neo-Nazi,” he said

The Garlasco defence, huh?

Looking at Schipkie’s Facebook page, it’s very easy to see we are not dealing with the sharpest tool in the shed. In fact, he’s so steeped in dumbassery that he left up posts clearly rendering his denial of Jew hatred and neo Nazism a complete lie.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Exhibit C:

Exhibit D:

I suggest Schipkie gets over his hatred of Jews and becomes a productive member of society. Otherwise this poster he uploaded to Facebook might soon reflect his reality.

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  • A 70ft tall bust of the head of the Prophet Mohammed

    Let the hate wash over you like a Treblinka shower, my son.

  • peter

    what a made up story this is , people are evicted every day so what ???, if someone is carving things on cars and yelling all night then call the police ,if someone they can identify as they say ,defaced the car as they say they can ,,he would be arrested, so plainly they cant say who did it , even his hair is mentioned ! has anyone looked around lately , there is hardy a man over 25 with hair , its all falling out !!!! if he has been banging on doors and yelling all night , its plain he would have a mental problem , and should be pitied, and in the end shit who live in housing commission flats , what do they expect ? if they dont like it , ask the government for another handout , its what they have been doing all their lives

    • Shy Guy

      Uh…. was that a rant?

  • peter

    IT MUST BE IF DONT AGREE WITH IT !!! i have a friend in Melbourne who handles 800 plus rental properties , she evicts several tenants a week . i am calling her now to let her know its news worthy !!! and will be in the paper ,
    and the greatest laugh if all time , that wackys live in housing commission flats and might annoy u , this is why people save to get their own house to live in a good area . wow what a news flash … im sure before i told the educated out there with uni degrees about commission flats that’s where they were all going to live when they get a job , if u are looking for a feel sorry for jews story find a real one !!!

    • Aussie Dave

      I really wish I knew what your point is.

  • peter

    the point is the whole article is rubbish , apparently its a crime to hate Jews , well then 90 percent of the world is guilty , i have never met any one that could stand to be in the same room with the vermin

    • Aussie Dave

      Hmm, I see you are one of Schipkie’s fellow Neo Nazis..ehh..I mean military antique collectors. Although it was apparent from your command of the English language. NEWS FLASH! Your opinions are irrelevant. Dumbasses like you are a waste of space. Your only contribution to the world is to advertise the benefits of abstinence.

      Now go get a job!!

    • Aussie Dave

      By the way Peter, your comments on Jews being vermin will be picked up by Google. Incidentally, does Daria realize she’s married to such a racist?

  • peter

    why dont you show your own wife you ugly jew

    • Aussie Dave

      Keep up the namecalling, bugalugs! It will be just make for more interesting reading when someone Googles your name, or your lawyer wife’s.

    • Aussie Dave

      By the way, who are you calling ugly? I see your photo, and you look like you were well and truly hit with the ugly stick.

  • peter

    it walks around Israel calling itself aussie dave in a desperate bid to get attention and maybe a girlfriend . well has it worked ??? we know the answer
    now the sniveller wants to threaten my wife . well go ahead . and goggle anything u want , threaten my wife again and we will see how you are goggling then

    • Aussie Dave

      I am not threatening your wife, dimwit. You are running off at the mouth, and I am allowing your comments to stand. I am pointing out that they will be visible on Google, and could put your wife in an uncomfortable position. I assume she is the one who has the job in the family.

      A girlfriend? I don’t think my wife and 5 kids would approve!

    • Aussie Dave

      My apologies. You own a Nazi collectables store: Sydney Militaria & Collectables. I’ll mention that so that is also picked up by Google.

    • Aussie Dave

      threaten my wife again and we will see how you are goggling then

      Now THAT is a threat.

  • peter

    you have threatened my wife
    u have no photo or name , which shows how frighted you are
    as i said you try to get attention by calling yourself aussie dave as its the only way u can get someone to look at you ,,,with a Aussie flag you have no right to use
    as your life there is so bad you have some sort of pretend aust website , you have mentioned my wife several times and threatened her ,now its personal , no one threatens my wife , especially someone hiding like you with a hotmail address , do u threaten women often >?? you are such a coward you make me sick goggle ha ha what the hell would i care . but i do care about someone that threatens women

    • Aussie Dave

      I know you have real problems with reading, writing and comprehension, but I have made no threats against your wife. Again, my point is I am leaving your racist comments on my site. It is those comments that may paint anyone associated with you in a bad light, including your wife. Don’t invent threats. And certainly don’t enter a battle of wits so desperately unarmed.

  • Aussie Dave

    Hmm, this explains eveything:

    The leadership today

    –> Peter John Coleman

    A resident of Merrylands, Sydney, Coleman owns a mail-order business selling military regalia. He has been the deputy leader of the West Australian-based neo-Nazi group, the Australian Nationalists Movement, and the deputy leader
    of David Palmer’s NSDAP group (see below). In 1999 Coleman was appointed Grand Titan (provincial head) or Exalted Cyclops (chapter president) of the Imperial Klans of America –Realm of Australia. Coleman has suggested that he recruited for his group at branch meetings of the One Nation Party, of
    which he was a member. He was later expelled by One Nation once his association with the klan became known.

    In the September-October 1999 issue of the newsletter of the Imperial Klans of America, Imperial Wizard (national leader) Ron Edwards confirmed Coleman’s appointment as the head of the group’s Australian arm. Edwards stated that Coleman was in charge of three klaverns in Australia with a growing membership. Coleman has claimed that his Sydney klavern has 30

  • peter

    thanks for the publicity so u can see how much i care
    now when are we going to see your face ?
    what a coward . if you did not spend all your time on the Internet you might get a girlfriend
    cowards like you are a joke
    no name no photo
    a hotmail address as we cant afford to buy a e mail address
    now threaten my wife a again mr ugly

    • Aussie Dave

      Mr Ugly? What are you, a 5-year-old?

    • Aussie Dave

      Joke of the day: being called a coward by this guy:


  • peter

    no i dont call my self aussie dave in the hope i can get a girlfriend , nor do i threaten women which u have several times , nor do i live in another country and am so unhapppy ther i have to trawl Australian news all day as i have no life there, i dont have to invent children or a wife , nor do i have a hotmail address as i have no money and have to hide
    and i dont have a cartoon photo as i dont look so good nor do i hide my name, i suppose you wear a dry as a bone coat as well so u can impress people that you are Australian .
    what will u do here pretend you are called aussie dave ,
    and u are ugly thats why u wont show your photo and sit in fear ,, how do u feed the kids as you are on the computer all day in a sad attempt to feel important in a strange land , pretending you have a wife , sexual frustration will make you crazy in the end and no woman is impressed by a hotmail address , how about you threaten my wife again big man ,,, “” his next one will be his first one ,, hi im aussie dave , im a kangaroo hunter in the outback ,, it makes you vomit ,, its the lowest type of pretend Australian who migrates but still trys to pretend hes some sort of paul hogan character in the hope a woman will be impressed , write what you like , i know it and u know it , oh im such a man im going to tell your wife , oh than im going to goggle it , oh how scary ,,, you don’t scare me desperate ,

    • Aussie Dave

      Seriously, take a reading and comprehension course. I never threatened to tell your wife anything. In fact, given the Russian translation on your website and the fact she speaks Russian, I’d assume she is well and truly aware and supportive of your racist activities.

      I am thoroughly enjoying your comments, because they prove racists like you are so freakin’ DUMB. Your idea of a rebuttal is to call me ugly and deny I am a married father of 5. Luckily, I don’t look for validation from racists with low IQs.

  • peter

    cant answer any questions i asked can you as they are all true , why dont you go down the club dave , maybe you can get a girlfriend

    • Aussie Dave

      How can questions be true?
      What does it mean to “go down the club”?

  • Aussie Dave

    I now realize why it’s called the KKK. It’s about the only word you guys can spell.

  • peter

    im quite happy for you to tell anyone im a racist dave , ive made every effort to let people know and in fact i don’t know anyone that is not including quiet a few Jews
    you are the one that wants to talk about women and threaten them and make threats not me , now u know my wifes views
    if i knew your supposed wife i would not stoop to the level of mentioning her , but i know you have no wife
    and that the whole problem , if you did you would be building a life there , yapping about Nazis is not your real worry is it , just covering up your sexual frustration , your views don’t worry me at all , but the type that threatens women . what will u tell me next , you know where my kids go to school , have a look at yourself in the mirror, be a man for once in your life
    get rid of the silly drawing photo for starters you are not at uni now

    • Aussie Dave

      No threats from my side as I have repeatedly explained. I know it is hard for someone of such limited intellect to follow, but try.

      The only threat, which I am keeping on here for all to see, is this comment:

      threaten my wife again and we will see how you are goggling then

      A poorly spelled threat, but a threat nonetheless.

      True, I am no longer at uni, but at least I once was. Did you even finish school?

    • Haters-gonna-hate

      No woman would be proud of what you are unless she was of the same ilk. How much you pay for your mail order nazi bride? Pricey, I bet- no real Australian woman would touch stupid racist scum like you. And yes, I am an Anglo Australian female, so my opinion is more than valid in this arena. Public opinion is against you Peter- if in doubt, “goggle” it, you fucktard.

    • Jim from Iowa

      Peter, Peter, pumpkin eater
      Found a wife, but couldn’t please her.

      • Shy Guy
        • Jim from Iowa

          My tears fall in abundance. But I still can count ‘em. One tear…two tears falling..hahahaha..three, three tears falling (thunder and lightning)!

  • Haters-gonna-hate

    The stupid is strong in this one. Peter, you are a dumb redneck and you have only highlighted this fact via your half intelligible rant. crawl back under your rock so we can all go on ignoring you.

  • jess

    Well maybe you cock suckers should fuck up and get facts right Adam left his Facebook logged in on someones phone and they posted that.. adam has jewish and abo mates so how bout u learn something about the person that u decide to talk shit about!!!!!

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