John Cleese’s Israeli Commercial

A few days ago, I posted about John Cleese agreeing to be in an Israeli commercial.

Well here it is.

That’s pretty funny, but having Cleese only speak one line in Hebrew is wasted potential.

Here’s hoping there are other commercials in the series, which make better use of his comedic talent.

Update: I wish I had thought of this (richards1052 is Richard Silverstein):

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  • Jim from Iowa

    This scene doesn’t seem too realistic to me. Where are the pollsters advising both the American president and Israeli prime minister on how the timing of an attack on Iran would affect the chances for re-election? If the election were still too close to call here in the U.S., an attack in October would force Obama’s hand to support Israel and assure his re-election. Otherwise, Bibi should wait until closer to Israel’s elections to ensure his own re-election.

  • Shy Guy

    That was one dumb commercial and a complete waste of John Cleese.

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  • zionair

    (many,many)years ago i met a lady and her teenage daughter who were on a visit to israel the mother worked for the united kingdom government (concerned with large drug busts)
    and her daughter worked in a music management office in london.
    over the years we have kept in touch and after her mothers death she came for a visit with us,and in conversation we spoke about her job.
    when i read the story on john cleese it reminded me that she had spoken of him and others, and so i have called her
    if i am correct she worked at the time in london for (rock artists management in conduit street london) she advises me that they also managed garry glitter, as well as cleese, and many others.
    she remembers cleese as a complete idiot taken up with him-self all the time a person who expected people to find him funny even though he was dull most times she saw him.
    she relates that she was quite new to the company in conduit street, and one of her jobs apart from reception was to make drinks for the artists.
    on this day cleese came in being his standard idiot self expecting to push in front of another waiting artist, and set about making a fool of him-self she was asked by her boss to prepare drinks for every-body which she did, she relates that she had a very large tray full of filled glasses and as she came around to offer the various people a drink cleese put his foot out in front of her sending her flying onto the floor falling on the tray and it’s contents, cleese then as she relates as others tried to help her up and see how badly she may/was hurt (cleese)jumped up laughing and saying well thats funny dont you think it was funny i do and then told her she should be able to take a joke.
    i have never rearly liked or taken any notice of him i do not find him funny i have been shown a couple of his films and must say he bored me i think as my friend says relates to me, he was liked at the time by college students that would laugh at any-thing their friend laughed at so as not to be left out.
    he did leave a lasting impression on her to this day,and as related to me his actions did not go down very well with the management company or the other artists there at the time.
    i my-self feel it takes a real creep to have to cause a young girl so much up-set and make her feel stupid to make him-self feel good.
    her husband related this at the time we spoke tonight(i have never heard this before but its a lot more funny than cleese.
    quote he says (he would not piss on john cleese even if he was on fire)

  • Richard

    For the benefit of those of us not fluent in Hebrew, I assume Cleese said something to the effect of “go for it” but can someone translate for me?

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