Lauren Booth Publicly Supporting Terrorists

In case it wasn’t already obvious to you that this antisemite supported terrorists, here she is showing her displeasure at Hizbullah’s banning from Facebook. Notice also the last comment of hers.

Meanwhile, here she is rejoicing over a story that the quality of Jewish sperm in Israel is falling.


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Facebook Comments

  • A 70ft tall bust of the head of the Prophet Mohammed

    Lauren Booth should be kidnapped and beheaded on YouTube.

  • ziontruth

    Even in its downs, the quality of Israeli Jewish sperm exceeds the highest of what a gene pool produced by generation after generation of cousin marriage can offer.

  • zionair

    well she does know quite a bit about sperm
    well from her sober moments any -way.

  • Hundra the Warrior Woman

    Kudos to Facebook for shutting this hateful site down. As for Lauren Booth, she is a brain dead zombie convert an embarrassment to all.

  • Joseph Hertzlinger

    The alleged decline in sperm quality has apparently not affected the Haredi birth rate.

  • uncle joe mccarthy

    booth came to town and i missed her

    hope this mosque is being watched by the fbi

    really want muslims to tell me how much they love america, when they invite a foreigner who believes that obama is a murderer, to speak before them

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