Photo(s) Of The Day: Red Hot Chili Pepper Edition

Old and busted: To be a fly on the wall.

New hotness: To be a Flea at the Wall

flea israel

There’s also this photo of lead singer Anthony Kiedis and his pet pornstache:

Anthony Kiedis

As well as this one of Will Ferrell lookalike Chad Smith.

Enjoy your stay in Israel, Red Hot Chili Pepper dudes!

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  • juvanya

    Nice! Kiedis looks really different from the only picture Ive seen of him. More redneck like or meth head like, which is probably part true lol. but hes clean now. good to see they made it. I wouldve like to have seen their concert here, but it wasnt really worth the money to me and I dont think I had enough at the time.

    Cut Copy, an electronic group from your land of origin played two concerts last year in Tel Aviv. I dont know if you ever put them on the list.

  • ziontruth

    They’re still performing? I thought this decade Flea would be working at some plant for a Japanese boss and getting his co-worker fired by baiting him to take part in an illegal scheme.


    • walt kovacs

      never been a fan

      they stole their sound from bay area bands, faith no more and mr bungle

      but i support their playing in tel aviv

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