Today’s Darwin Award Winner this guy:


Burning an American flag proved fatal for a Pakistani protester, who reportedly died from inhaling fumes from the ignited icon of independence.

Some 10,000 people rallied this week in Lahore, the capital of the Punjab province, to protest the movie trailer that Muslims say insults Islam, according to the International Herald-Tribune. One participant, identified as Abdullah Ismail, died after being taken to an area hospital. Witnesses said he had complained of feeling sick  from the smoke from American flags burnt at the rally.

Zionist Death FlagTM?

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  • Norman B.

    Are there product liability laws in Pakistan? The manufacturer of the flags could be sued for putting out defective, hazardous kindling material.

  • E Pluribus Beagle

    Obama will direct his State Department to send them respirators so they don’t keel over and die.

  • Hundra the Warrior Woman

    Only one out of 10,000 died of inhalation? Pity.

  • Jim from Iowa

    Take that Habib. The Stars and Stripes forever!

  • Inessa

    I would call that a reasonable start.

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