Antisemitic Scum Of The Day


Meet Joe Cortina. He claims to be a retired Florida businessman, former special operations officer, intelligence investigator and Christian.

What he clearly is is a nasty, disturbed antisemite. Not that there is any other kind.

You can Google his name and you’ll be introduced to his vile “work.” I was introduced to it through the following comment he left on this blog.

Joe Cortina says:
September 21, 2012 at 5:00 am (Edit)
Brendon is friend of mine you cheesy spineless jew punk. All he did was stand up for the children being murdered every day in Palestine by you stinking jews. Whatyouwere told were jew lies – but then after all Christ condemned your filthy ilk two thousand years ago as demonic liars.

Like all jews – you are a lying sack of shit MR. All he did was to video some little rat faced jew pieces of crap. Scum who FACTUALLY were involved with several Marxist and Christian hate groups. I know because I testified for him as an expert witness onMid East affairs terrorism and the terrorist IDF

It is scum like you whao casue horrors and pain and grief and terror. Ever seen a terrified 5 year old orphan child who has witnessed his sisters raped his parents murdered his home bulldozed and his country occupied into a prison camp? Of course you haven’t jew boy.

Ever witnessed an inocent child murdered by your kike cowardly pals justfor fun. I have and I will never forget nor forgive. You people shoot unarmed children helpless women the sick the injured you attack and bomb hospitals schools homes churches. I was there. been there seen that and i WILL tell these TRUTHS till my dying day.

If another world war breaks out and tens of milions die because of you stinking jews – you won’t be able to find a hole big enough to hide.

You fucking reprobate hypocrite. To scum like you – that poor child was nothing more than a rat in a garbage pile

One day the WORLD will wake up and realize that the mortal enemyof ALL decent people is Godless Satan worshiping scum like you.

You will ALWaYS be a despised hated loathed putrid tribe of filthy animals. I lived among your scum and saw you without your Janus 2 faced deception.

You jews are all sniveling cowards. I trained combat paratroops troops before the best part of you ran down the crack of the whore’s ass who spawned you.

Like all jews you are scared of truth. This Email will never see the light of day because you are scared someone might start thinking that this ex Green Beret with a flawless military and civic record who stood up for the helpless children Brendon was simply defending just might be telling the truth – and you lying jews are scared shitless of TRUTH.

Oy Vey – what if your sleazy ratfaced friends found out that Brendon was defending helpless children. I have the ENTIRE court transcripts ass hole. He went to jail SIMPLY for speaking the God’s honest truth PERIOD!

So to you jews freedom of speech is ONLY for you self-chosenites – but not of we cattle – right jew boy?


Have a nice eternity in hell!

BTW – i personally trained over a thousand young warriors to defend this once free nation against your pals the Communists and guess what scumbag?

Not a single man was a JEW NOT ONE. Why? Because they were all at home safe and sound doing what you stinking jews do best – seducing our wives and sisters and sweethearts. I WILL be watching you — jew!

This clearly intelligent and articulate specimen claims to have degrees in in physics, biology and chemistry. I guess he should add “aspiring comedian” to his bio.

Not that Cortina seems like the honest type. The above photo is the one he uses online, despite the fact he would probably be around 70 years of age.

Joe, you clearly have FITH’s disease, so I will try to break it down nice and slow for you. Your opinions are irrelevant to me. Not only do I look down on people like you, but so does G-d and so do all decent human beings. Your life is a complete waste of time, as you’ll soon discover when you beg Yasser to turn up the airconditioning at your final destination (and to stop calling you hyena)

I’d suggest you seek help, but we all know most of the good psychiatrists are Jewish. Sucks to be you.

Oh, and Joe, you sure you want to be referring to Jews as “ratfaced”? I mean, c’mon now.

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