Douche Hashana


Last week, I posted about anti-Israel blogger Richard Silverstein’s High Holiday shenanigans. While simulataneously lecturing Israeli leaders on the message of Rosh Hashana, Silverstein spent this holy of Jewish holidays not in the synagogue but rather desecrating it by giving a talk supposedly on Why Both Republicans and Democrats are Wrong on Iran.

Silverstein has now posted video of this talk.

Besides Silverstein’s latest crime against fashion, notice how he starts by saying “When we first scheduled this event, I wasn’t aware that it was going to be on the first day of the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashana.” In other words, despite being one of the organizers of the talk and discovering it fell on this holy of days, he decided to anyway go ahead with the event, co-opting Rosh Hashana’s message for his brand of anti-Israel propaganda.

Notice also how Silverstein describes the talk on Twitter, despite the rather innocuous sounding title he used to publicize the event ahead of time.

Silverstein would truly have been better off in synagogue.


A lot.

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