Photos From Apartheid Israel

For those of you not convinced of the rank apartheidness of the Zionist entity called Israel, I bring you these photos I found at this site (although the site owner is obviously a hasbarista).

Arab women subjected to the injustice of inferior quality goods at the supermarket

An Arab couple subjected to the injustice of stares, jeers and stones

Arab women point at some injustice

Arab women subjected to the injustice of orange-colored restaurant chairs

Arab couple subjected to the injustice of having to carry their own bags

Arab men subjected to the humiliation of bowing down to their oppressors

An Arab man subjected to taunts and oppression by an IDF soldier

About Dickie Sliverstein

A resident of Seattle, Dickie Sliverstein spends all day writing on his Chicken Olam website while his wife works to pay the bills. He considers himself to be an expert on Israel..which he is not.

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A Whole Lot Of “Apartheid” Going On | Israellycool
04 January 2013 at 2:01pm
[...] See an Arab woman queuing alongside you in the supermarket: ...

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  • Commentary101

    Great post!
    Speaking of which, has Silverstein *finally* divulged the long-awaited info., on that phantasmagoric “hacker” of his? ;)
    Where’s the MSM/”small, still voice” ‘roar’ over this supposed “outrage”, for which he vouched?
    Someone should lecture Mr. Silverstein, on the evils of “crying wolf”, and, posturing, when one is in fact so woefully flat :D.

    • http://Values. Jack

      The only bad thing in my life that can be attributed to Israelly cool is the fact that without it, I would have NO idea who, or what, Dickie Silverstein is. My world was a better place, a cleaner place, a place with a higher IQ per ca-pita, without this knowledge of him. (does ANYONE really listen to him?)

      • NoFixedAddress

        you repressed person

  • mzk1

    Brilliant. Speaking of which, may I recommend this example of rage from pjmedia?

    German Troops Riot in Italy over Disney Film!

    WASHINGTON (Routers) Outraged over the insult to their Fuehrer by a film recently released by RKO, German troops reportedly engaged in violent attacks on Americans attempting to consolidate a beach head in the area of Salerno, Italy, today. The attack was seemingly sudden and spontaneous, waged against the 31st and 45th Divisions near the villages of Altavilla and Battipaglia.

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  • Joe


  • Joe


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