Asking Forgiveness From BDSers


Dear BDSers, I am sorry that your lifelong dream is a wild goose chase, and that for every obscure co-op that decides to join your propagandist slacktivism, while denying its customers top quality Israeli produce, the Palestinians themselves don’t give a f*** about you, or your BDS:

The Palestinian West Bank government on Sunday said it was ending restrictions limiting the number of traders who can import Israeli goods into the territory, in a bid to reduce spiralling prices.

“The system of exclusive agencies and exclusive distributors for goods and products manufactured in Israel or foreign goods imported through an Israeli agent is cancelled,” economy minister Jawad Naji told a news conference.
“We will allow all interested traders to buy directly from the Israeli market without an intermediary, in compliance with the laws and mechanisms of the Palestinian Authority,” he said in Ramallah.
Aussie Dave adds: And I forgive you, Judge Dan, for not noticing I posted this yesterday.

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