Ethnic Cleansing Fail Of The Day

Israel haters’ heads, feel free to explode.

A Palestinian Authority mother from Gaza is home with a healthy baby thanks to Israeli doctors in Kfar Sava, after a complicated surgery.

After losing three babies to rare birth defects at Egyptian hospitals, Jian Abu Agram, 31, was faced with a difficult decision last year after another child was born last April with the same condition.

After speaking with her doctors, Agram took their advice and traveled through the Erez crossing with her infant daughter to Israel, where doctors at Meir Hospital performed intestinal surgery on the little girl.

“When the doctors told me of her condition and suggested that we bring her to Israel, I didn’t think for a moment of the conflict between the two peoples,” Agram told the Hebrew-language weekly local Sharon region edition of the Yediot Acharanot newspaper.

“What I considered was only one thing: to save my girl. I couldn’t allow myself to lose another child.”

The infant has since recovered from the intricate life-saving treatment that she needed, and two weeks ago returned to her home in Gaza.

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  • E Pluribus Beagle

    I genuinely do not understand the point of this other than hoping the people who call for our wholesale extermination will feel as good about us as we do. That is simply stupid and she and her Junior Jihadi should be kicked out and sent back to suicide school.

  • walt kovacs

    rare birth defects?

    stop banging your brothers, you arab ho

    congrats israel, you just helped to deliver another future terrorist

  • ddddddddddddd

    jews, suicidal as always.

    • ziontruth

      Yep. Not as collectively suicidal as our Hussein-voting brothers across the sea, but our media and political class are definitely off the rails with their humanitarianism-coated cowardice.

      Take it from the Marxists themselves how things should be. Take it from a treasonfest like the movie Avatar (anyone remember that glitzy Riefenstahlian crock?). It lays things out so clearly. What do colonists do? They help the indigenous by bringing them progress or the benefits thereof. But the colonists are not to be praised for it, nor do the indigenous owe them for it, because they only do so to exploit the indigenous later. What do the indigenous do? They boot the colonists out by force—right at the beginning of Avatar, when you see the Na’vi woman’s poisoned arrow aimed at the human convoy, it is implied that it is her right to kill them as trespassers. The above message is expounded more and more clearly as the movie goes on. A crock, as I said, but a valuable window as to how the Marxists and their Muslim allies think.

      They will not be grateful for this help given by the Zionist Jews—no, on the contrary, it will only serve as further reinforcement of their doctrine of hostility. We cannot change them. The American misadventures in Iraq and Afghanistan are proof of that. But we don’t have to change them, because it’s not about them. It’s about ourselves. How long are we going to act like colonists? The Jews are the only true indigenous Palestinians. It is the Arabs, no matter how much they falsely call themselves “Palestinians,” who are the colonists here. They wish to colonize Palestine in full just as they do the rest of the world, for example in Western Europe, where the “Arab man’s burden” has brought the indigenous the gift of Islam. (Yes, the sarcasm is heavy in that passage.) We Jews in Palestine, the indigenous on their indigenous territory, owe them nothing, and owe it to ourselves, and to our children most of all, the booting out of these settler-colonist invaders.

      Ethnic cleansing fail, indeed. With emphasis on “fail,” at all levels. It is sad to see Jews in our day and age clinging to the idea of meriting a hostile world’s clemency by showing it how good we are. There should not be an Arab (=colonist) presence in Gaza, part of the Jewish Land of Israel, let alone admittance to a colonist mother to bear an Arab settler child who would later take part in the Arab/Islamic colonial enterprise of dispossessing the indigenous Palestinians, the Jews. We owe them nothing; we owe the world nothing.

      • Jim from Iowa

        So you’re calling the Likud-led Israeli governing coalition Marxist for their health care policies?!!? Bibi’s a lot of things, but he’s no Marxist. The U.N., the European Union, the Socialist Workers Party, or Obama – none of these are responsible for developing domestic health care policies in Israel. It’s not so much that you’re out of step with the rest of the world (which you so clearly are) but you’re even out of step with your fellow Israeli citizens. But it’s still fun to read your rants.

        • ziontruth

          “So you’re calling the Likud-led Israeli governing coalition Marxist for their health care policies?!!?”

          I try as much as possible to make my message understood by all, but, as Karl Popper said, “It is impossible to speak in such a way that you cannot be misunderstood,” and you just gave a good example of this.

          I’m not calling the Likud-led Israeli governing coalition Marxist, and I’m not talking about their health care policies. I’m calling them craven appeasers for not issuing a blanket ban on hospitals within pre-1967 Israel from receiving Arab colonists from the post-1967 territories for treatment. Quite apart from the moral failure of helping our sworn enemies, there are security risks involved. The issue is political, having nothing to do with healthcare itself; it’s applicable in equal measure to a totally privatized healthcare system as to one of socialized medicine. Once again, you’ve let your personal hobbyhorses get in the way of a plain understanding of what I wrote.

          “…but you’re even out of step with your fellow Israeli citizens.”

          Please. A guy who gets his information about Israel primarily from Haaretz, Israel’s leading Hebrew-language Arab newspaper, is hardly in the position to know what’s in or out of step with my fellow Israeli Jewish citizens.

          • Jim from Iowa

            Well, it really does come down to a very basic understanding who the Israeli people are and what Israel as a modern nation is really all about. On these fundamental issues you clearly are out of step with the vast majority of Israelis. Even a lefty foreigner like me can figure that out. The modern state of Israel was founded as a democracy with the expressed values of freedom of religion and expression, among others, not some Torah-based substitute for Sharia law observed in Muslim theocracies. Instead of trying in vain to convince the more sensible citizens of your country, you and the other supporters of Moshe Feiglin should buy a Mediteranean Isle and set up shop there. That would make everyone happy.

            • ziontruth

              Doing it again, Jim: Dragging your hobbyhorses onto a discussion where they weren’t even touched on. Like this:

              “The modern state of Israel was founded as a democracy with the expressed values of freedom of religion and expression, among others, not some Torah-based substitute for Sharia law observed in Muslim theocracies.”

              Tell me, what does this have to do with anything I wrote above?! I was talking about a nationalistic issue only, and although in my case nationalism and religion are intertwined, you don’t have to be a flaming religious Orthodox Jew in order to make or agree with my point: That the Arab colonists, in the post-1967 territories at the very least, should not enjoy the benefits of our advanced technology, because far from being grateful for it, they’re likely to use it against us. This mother is not likely to change her opinion of the Jewish State and Zionism, and her baby is not likely to stray away from the usual path of being raised to glorify jihad and suicide-murder.

              Nothing to do with religion or me being religious. A complete, thoroughgoing atheist could express the same opinion as I did above. I realize everybody sees the situation through the filters of his own personal opinions, but you’ve carried it to a ridiculous level, Jim.

              • Jim from Iowa

                Wait a minute. You’re the one who invariably goes from a relatively small issue and explodes it into some kind of universal truth/evil. No matter the subject of any given post on this fine blog, you manage to turn it into an example of Marxist ideology or crimes of the Arab colonist agressors. If I challenge you for your stated world view, don’t blame me. It’s my Marxist indoctrination at the hands of my public school teachers here in Iowa. There, I set you straight, Gangnam style!

                • ziontruth

                  “You’re the one who invariably goes from a relatively small issue and explodes it into some kind of universal truth/evil.”

                  But I don’t go off-topic like you do. Long though my first post here may be, it stays well within the thread topic. In contrast, you brung this “Israel wasn’t intended to be a theocracy” angle of yours, which is entirely off-topic.

                  “No matter the subject of any given post on this fine blog,…”

                  Um, this blog is primarily about Israel vis-a-vis its Arab/Muslim enemies. If this were a blog about gourmet cooking (or on a thread about gourmet cooking on this blog), I’d be off tangent, but here I’m well within the bounds of the discussed matters even when I expand things.

                  Don’t you be mincing words, Jim. I know you want to say, “I wish ziontruth would get the heck outta this blog and post his rants on a space of his own.” If you wanna say it, say it—given that I’m not in charge here, what consequence could there be to it? At worst, a few all-caps shouts with a load of trailing exclamation marx. I think you’ll survive.

                  • Jim from Iowa

                    I don’t want you to go away from Dave’s blog. Good heavens, ziontruth. You write some of the most entertaining comments on IsraellyCool. Perhaps this is not entirely intentional on your part, but I would miss them if you departed like your ideological conjoined twin Shy Guy. Keep up the good work!

                    • ziontruth

                      “You write some of the most entertaining comments on IsraellyCool. Perhaps this is not entirely intentional on your part, …”

                      Ah well. I guess it’s not hard to entertain someone who views life as a Monty Python skit. Not that I’m putting you down on that, in some ways I envy you for having this sanity-saving mechanism. Me, if I saw an open-air production of Julius Caesar, I’d think it was a five-on-one public stabbing attack.

  • Hundra the Warrior Woman

    Thank you for saving the life of this little baby. Hopefully her mother will teach her not to hate Israel like other arab mothers do.

  • Travis

    I am afraid that the mother (and later her daughter) will emulate Wafa al-Biss and seek the murder of the humane medical personnel who saved her daughter’s life. The differences between us and them are startling.

  • Norman B.

    What Dave, as a religious Jew, understands and some posters here do not is that these deeds are not intended to curry favor with “lesser breeds without the Law,” but to fulfill the commandment of our Creator that we sanctify His holy name. Suicidal? Not with the blessings of life, health and happiness that most Israelis enjoy.

    • E Pluribus Beagle

      You don’t have to kill all the Amalekites neither are you compelled to invite them into your tent.

      • Jim from Iowa

        Another way to look at it is when an empolyer implements a “Casual Fridays” policy as an employee morale booster only to realize later that many of their people have no fashion sense. Things never work entirely as intended.

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