Hizbullah’s Flashy Battle Plan

Those crazy guys over at Hizbullah Terrorists Inc. have gone all hi tech in explaining how they intend to “liberate” the Galilee from us dastardly Zionists.

It is the second time Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah sets Galilee as an inevitable target for the Resistance’s field operations in case “Israel” attacks Lebanon.

As soon as he declared Galilee a target during any likely confrontation with the enemy, analyses and anticipations about the scenario and scene of the military battle with “Israel” started to stream.

Then why does advancing into Galilee frighten the Zionists?

A hypothetical tour d’horizon in Galilee might help answer this question:

Click on the image to see the infograph (Flash required)

According to the scenario of the likely confrontation, whoever takes over Galilee is automatically able to take over South Lebanon and plains surrounding Tabaria (Tiberias) Lake, and vice-versa; liberating any part of Galilee via the Lebanese territories shall petrify “Israel” since most of the settlements are built nearby the Lebanese borders.

The Resistance is capable of penetrating the enemy and easily reaching Galilee, something that the “Israelis” have taken into account in any likely confrontation with Hizbullah. Building on this, the occupation authorities evacuated in 2006 northern colonies despite the well immune and equipped shelters.

In 2006, specifically in Bint Jbeil, the Resistance was besieged after the Zionist soldiers attempted to lure combatants and drag them out of the area; Hizbullah reinforced its presence in the city and brought in more fighters, hence putting the enemy in such a difficult situation.

This might be just an example of what the Resistance can do if it advances into Galilee.

The recurrent “Israeli” maneuvers focus on two factors: the human capacity and the speed of deployment in the battlefield, in preparation for the next war with Hizbullah. This is what the Resistance is working on to, perhaps, snare the Zionist soldiers.

For the “Israelis,” it is more likely to drag the Zionist soldiers into the Lebanese territories so that Hizbullah pounces them down and hence has the balance swinging its way.

Expectations of the military experts indeed show that “Israel’s” air force is at jeopardy. There are also talks about a supremacy for the Resistance in maintaining its missiles arsenal unscathed, in addition to an ability to control it and transfer it under any pressure or shelling.

In an early reaction to the threats of Hizbullah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah to target specific facilities in “Israel,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ordered the army to fortify the vital energy utilities, among which power-generating systems, water desalination and pumping stations, and oil reserves stocking facilities. Worth-mentioning, natural gas and charcoal used in producing electricity also get to “Israel” via the sea.

If war erupts, “Israel” is expected to fall short of oil and coal sources. It is also expected that pumping gas through maritime fields stops. Therefore, “Israel’s” economy will then have to depend on reserves which exist in the occupied lands. Moreover, one of the two oil refineries in Haifa and Ashdod might be hit. Zionist observers thus recommend to increase oil reserves special to the military institution and to arrange the maritime transportation of oil in case of emergencies.

As to water, the enforced law in “Israel” coerces the “Israeli” authorities to preserve quantities of waters for the times of emergency, including drinking water as a provisional solution in case water central desalination and pumping stations were damaged.


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  • Norman B.

    “It is the second time …” What happened to the first time?

  • ziontruth

    “For the ‘Israelis,’ it is more likely to drag the Zionist soldiers into the Lebanese territories so that Hizbullah pounces them down and hence has the balance swinging its way.”

    Guerrilla warfare, which coupled with their adroit working of the worldwide media, is Hezbollah’s best (and only) card.

    Israel can win, but only by dumping the current insane laws of warfare first. Jewish Law on warfare says the enemy civilians are to be protected only if the enemy authorities put them in shelter, aside from the combatants, away from the line of fire; Hezbollah, in common with all Islamic imperialist military organizations, operates in flagrant, purposeful and diabolically calculated violation of this principle, mixing the civilians with the combatants so that either our soldiers hold their fire or the Hezbollah blood-drinkers get a whole new slew of anti-Zionist propaganda photo-ops for the worldwide media.

    With the moral dictum in Jewish Law that the blood is on the combatants’ heads if civilians are hurt because they took no care to draw them away to safety, together with a draconian policy against worldwide media busybodies (any reporter in the field not having certified Jewish Army clearance is to be treated as an enemy combatant), it is possible to win, and to do so without incurring more than the losses (God forbid) normal to non-guerrilla warfare. Like most issues having to do with the Jewish State’s reaction to the Islamic imperialist aggression leveled at it, it’s not a matter of military superiority but one of political will.

  • Norman B.

    Is it a coincidence that Hezbollah would publish this at the time we read in our shuls, “And God will be king over all the earth, and on that day God shall be one and His name one … And those that are left of the nations that fought against you shall go up to Jerusalem to worship the King, the God of Hosts, and keep the Feast of Sukkot”?

    According to this New Republic article, Nasrallah feels that events of the Arab Spring have left him behind.


  • charles williams

    [antisemitic troll comment deleted]

    • Norman B.

      The Nazi genocidal mindset is beautifully revealed in your comments. Who are you to describe Israeli soldiers as quivering in their boots when you cower behind your keyboard looking to fight the Jews to the last Arab? Put your carcass where your racist mouth is.

      • charles williams

        [antisemitic troll comment deleted]

        • ziontruth

          The only war crimes are those committed by the Islamic imperialists whose aggression you support, anti-Zionist scum.

          “Personally I advocate equal rights for all,…”

          Multiculturalism, having multiple nations under the same political roof. Worked so well for Yugoslavia, Rwanda, Lebanon and so many other examples. How much do you get paid for this job of paving the road to hell with your good intentions?

          “Jewish supremacism (racism) is the problem in that region today.”

          Islamic supremacism (imperialism) is the problem in the entire world today. And you are a stooge for it. Supporter of global imperialist injustice.

          • charles williams

            [antisemitic troll comment deleted]

            • Norman B.

              Heroic? The head of Hezbollah has been hiding in his bunker for the last six years like your hero Hitler. And don’t give me that equal rights crap. I know a Jew hating genocidal maniac by his screed.

              • charles williams

                [antisemitic troll comment deleted]

                • charles williams

                  [antisemitic troll comments deleted]

                  • http://www.israellycool.com/ Aussie Dave

                    Give it up. You don’t get to spread your hate propaganda on my blog.

                    • charles williams

                      [I am the Walrus]

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