Khaled Meshaal, Zionist Agent



Khaled Meshaal (center) started to feel sick, but by then it was too late

A war of words between the Palestinian Islamic extremist group Hamas and the regimes in Syria and Iran heated up Wednesday, as the former allies continued to drift apart amid the unrest in Middle East.

A senior Hamas leader in Gaza, Ahmed Yousef, said Syria’s recent verbal attacks against Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal had “burnt all bridges” with the Palestinian organization, Israel Radio reported.

At the same time, an Iranian newspaper with ties to the Tehran government charged that Mashaal was a “Zionist agent” who would sacrifice his people for personal gain.

Being accused of being a Zionist agent would likely make poor Khaled a target. So I guess all I can say in that case is..

Thank you for your years of great service, my dear Khaled. You were one of our very best!

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