Richard Silverstein To Free Gaza’s Rescue


In the wake of the exposure of antisemitic tweets in the name of flotilla organizers Free Gaza, can you guess the reaction of Jewish anti-Israel blogger Richard Silverstein?

a) Issuing condemnation of the antisemitic tweets and dissociating himself from Free Gaza

b) Defending Free Gaza by trashing Avi Mayer, the guy who first brought the original tweets to our attention and then the additional Nazi tweet, as well as Berlin and Arraf’s reactions

Yeah, not the hardest multiple choice, I know.



Notice the closest Silverstein gets to condemning Free Gaza is an admission the tweeting of the neo Nazi video was offensive, only after it was pointed out by someone else, followed immediately by the “but.”


As I tweeted at the time, you know Free Gaza is in trouble when they need Richard Silverstein defending them.

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