Greta Berlin: Antisemitic AND Islamaphobic

Greta Berlin continues to show her true colors, losing her cool against Muslim activist Ali Abuminah on Twitter, and seemingly painting all Muslims with the same brush.


Tsk, tsk. I wonder what Muslim convert Lauren Booth would have to say about this.

Hat tip once again to Avi Mayer for the spot.

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  • Norman B.

    So our enemies can’t bolt down a loose cannon in their midst. It couldn’t happen to more worthy people.

  • Jrmo

    I’m curious why it’s “news” she’s anti-semitic? Is it more that she just proved what everyone already knew? Did her “followers” really think she was all excited and fuzzy about Jews, and are now SHOCKED?

    • dcdoc

      FWIW (not much), she was at one time married to a Jew.

  • Allah’s Porq Sandwich

    Hang the bitch with a steel wire.

  • ziontruth

    Mound o’ Scheiss on the Greta Berlin affair: Both blog owners co-author and post a thread called… wait for it… “No room for racism in a movement working for equality and freedom”!

    LOL! ROTFLMAO! ROTFLSTALIN! Oh, my ribs, my ribs! I can’t stand it!

    “No room for racism…” say the owners of… Mound o’ Scheiss! What next, a CPUSA endorsement of Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugs? Will wonders never cease?

    No room for racism, in a movement where racist (anti-white, in this case, but what does it matter? Unless you’re a Marxist, of course) ideology plays an all-essential part? Where all the wars, suicide-murder attacks and rocket barrages aimed at the Jewish State are justified by the malicious racial fiction and racist lie that Zionism is a White European Colonial Settler movement intended to rob the “original Palestinian nation who’s been on this land from time immemorial” (even though no one heard mention of them as a nation before 1949)?

    No room for racism on a site where (recently, on the thread “Stop Calling Him Bibi”), the commenters say the elder Netanyahu’s European surname name of birth, should be used instead of the Hebrew one he took? Meaning that the point they often make on Mound o’ Scheiss, of Israeli Jews invalidating their being Palestinians by having European surnames, is made moot—because even if they change their European surnames, like David Grün did (to Ben-Gurion), the filth at Mound o’ Scheiss are going to point out the former European surname. So what, what, just WHAT are Jews of immediate European extraction supposed to do in order to be counted as true Palestinians in the anti-Zionist Leftists’ sick minds? Nothing—you can’t change your skin color, your hair color, your eye color, your genes. Without racism, anti-Zionism would have no intellectual leg to stand on except the bare Islamic imperialist “Might Makes Right” philosophy of conquest.

    What an egregious lack of self-awareness the owners and denizens of Mound o’ Scheiss are afflicted by. And the strangest thing is: They’re among the most honest voices of anti-Zionism on the entire Web (“honest” in the sense of “revealing the true face of anti-Zionism,” not in the sense of not lying).