CNN Doesn’t Even Bother Reporting The Causation

In the past week, some 50 rockets were fired by terrorists in Gaza on Israeli civilians. One of them hit Netivot:

Following the IDF twitter gives you a very good understanding of the situation:

However, if someone was trying to find the news on CNN, they would have only seen a hopelessly skewed image of Israel attacking Gaza

An Israeli airstrike Saturday killed two members of a Palestinian resistance committee in northern Gaza, according to Palestinian security sources.

Three others were wounded in the strike in Jabaliya, the sources said.

One of those killed was Hisham Al-Saidni (also known as Abu Walid al-Masri), head of the Salafists in Gaza and Sinai, which is known as Majlis Shura Al-Mujahideen, the Hamas security media office said.

He was targeted while he was riding a motorcycle in Jabaliya north of Gaza City, the Hamas security media office said.

An Israeli military spokesman confirmed the airstrike.

In a statement, the Israel Defense Forces said the aircraft targeted “terror operatives of the Hashora Council of the Mujahideen, a Gaza-based Global Jihad affiliate.”

Ashraf al-Qidra, a spokesman for the Hamas health ministry in Gaza, said one of the bodies was decapitated in the strike. A civilian and 10-year-old child were also injured, he said.

So there you have it, terrorists spontaneously explode when riding a motorcycle. No need for explanation and no need for a causation.

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  • unpluggged

    Gaza must be carpet-bombed. They don’t deserve life.

    • Judge Dan

      Sorry to put out your carpet bombing flame (hint), but there are other, more practical and effective ways, to deal with Gazan terror, like not caving in to international whim.

  • Norman B.

    CNN’s reporters should be expelled from Israel and be told in public why in no uncertain terms.

    • Allah’s Porq Sandwich

      CNN ‘reporters’ are well known to be Hamas and PLO stringers contracted by CNN. This has been going on for 15 years. There are no actual CNN reporters in Gaza or YESHA. There’s perhaps a tiny handful of CNN staffers in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem who barely leave the office or the hotel or where they live. None of them speak anything but English or French, none of them speak Hebrew or Arabic and none of them has so much as gotten in a cab to drive to the border with Gaza let alone go there. In Yesha the CNN staff are generally treated to hand holding tours courtesy of the PLO. They never speak to any Jews or go to any Jewish suburbs in Yesha. Instead they contact their liasons in Hamas and the PLO, ask them to provide someone who can give them x number of column inches and some photographs.

      This isn’t even a secret and hasn’t been for years and years. The CNN gig in Israel is a plum gig – it doesn’t require any actual work, the weather is nice and they never leave the comfort of their downtown office or home.

      • Jim from Iowa

        Please provide something that resembles credible evidence of this accusation that CNN employees are agents for terrorist organizations. Do I think CNN provides coverage that is both fair and informative? No. But CNN is a profit-driven commercial operation that tends to reflect the attitudes of it’s mostly American viewership. Fat, dumb and lazy may be no way to go through life, but that kind of coverage of Israel will keep Americans watching their network.

        • Allah’s Porq Sandwich

          Hamas and the PLO aren’t ‘terrorist’ organizations, according to CNN. They’re legitimate civil institutions who provide people and services to western news agencies on a contractual basis, remember? It’s only the Evil Yid Menace ™ who maliciously slanders them as ‘terrorists’. According to the BBC they’re not even militants but ‘activists’ much like people who volunteer their time for PETA and Gay Pride Day marches, etc.

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