When Antisemites Twist Anti-Nazi Quotes To Support Other Antisemites

I guess no-one should be surprised antisemite Lauren Booth would twist a famous anti Nazi quote to attack Israel and support fellow antisemite Greta Berlin. With help from fellow antisemite Gilad Atzmon!


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  • Avram

    Someone should tell her that ‘amd’ is spelled wrong! :)

    Also, Mondoweiss is attacking Greta n’ co? Really?

    • ziontruth

      “Also, Mondoweiss is attacking Greta n’ co? Really?”

      Yep, the two blog owners published an article with the utterly ironic title, “No room for racism in a movement working for equality and freedom,” which I remarked on a few days back. Basically, it’s a lame attempt on the part of the Mound o’ Scheiss propietors to wash their hands off her transparently Jew-hating words. Jew-hatred is allowed (nay, required) on Mound o’ Scheiss, but it must be under the guise of anti-Zionism and appeals to realpolitik (“Israel-firsters meddling…” yada yada); Berlin is just a tad too honest for comfort.

      Greta Berlin, Gil’ad Atzmon, Lauren Hijabooth, Helen Thomas—those are the honest anti-Zionists, the ones that don’t bother snowing people with the delusion that the ambition to rob the Jewish nation of its nation-state has no connection to Jew-hatred. The other anti-Zionists, those at Mound o’ Scheiss, DailyKKKos, CounterPuke and the rest are image-conscious, and want to send a message to the world that they are “the good anti-Zionists,” in contrast to the former group, who are “the bad anti-Zionists and have nothing to do with us.” I for one am not fooled.

  • ziontruth

    First they came for the Jews on their homeland,
    And I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t an Israeli Jew (and I believed it was the Jews and not the Muslims who were the imperialists here).
    Then they came for the Serbs,
    And I didn’t speak because I wasn’t a Serb (and I believed the MSM’s lies about Serbia the same as I did about Israel).
    Then they came for America on 9/11,
    And I didn’t speak because I wasn’t American (and I believed like Ward Churchill that the little Eichmanns’ chickens had come to roost).
    Then they came for the Russians in Beslan,
    And I didn’t speak because I wasn’t Russia (and I believed Russia was still the Big Bad Soviet Bear that should be hated even when its children are raped and massacred).
    Then they came for the Danish cartoonists,
    And I didn’t speak because I was neither Danish nor a cartoonist (and I believed blasphemy should be confined to those religions whose followers don’t react violently).
    Then they came for the Copts,
    And I didn’t speak because I wasn’t a Copt (and I believed that was the way things were when the West meddled in the Muslim world).
    Then they came for me,
    And there was no one left to speak for me,
    Because everyone else had been making the same excuses for Islamic imperialism as me.

    • Jim from Iowa

      Surely you don’t mean to allign Israeli Jews with the murderous Milosovic regime in Serbia (and his Bosnian Serb allies) who made ethnic cleansing a matter of routine to attain the goal of establishing “greater Serbia.” The world community has rightly prosecuted these Serb leaders for war crimes and crimes against humanity. And I’m pretty sure with our enormous defense budget, we Americans are capable of defending ourselves. But thanks for the help just the same.

      • Norman B.

        With all the troubles other European countries are having dealing with the Muslim fanatics in their midst (France comes immediately to mind), the Serbs must be having the last laugh.

      • ziontruth

        “…the murderous Milosovic regime in Serbia…”

        So the MSM said. But the MSM also speaks about “Israel’s apartheid regime” and “Israel’s brutal occupation,” so there you have it for how much you can trust their narrative.

        I believe Serbia was the victim of Islamic imperialist aggression. Whatever retributions the Bosniak Muslims have whined to the MSM about, they brought upon themselves by their aggression just like the co-religionist colonists in Palestine had done 45 years earlier. As an Israeli Jew, I know better than to believe Muslims to have ever been victims of unprovoked aggression.

        “…who made ethnic cleansing a matter of routine to attain the goal of establishing ‘greater Serbia.’ ”

        I’d say he almost succeeded in repulsing an Islamic imperialist onslaught upon his nation, and was foiled by Bill Clinton, who did as his Islamic oilmasters demanded and rushed to intervene before the world could have a concrete example as to how a nation repulses an Islamic imperialist onslaught on it.

        “The world community…”

        The Arab oil lobby, you mean.

        “…has rightly prosecuted these Serb leaders for war crimes and crimes against humanity.”

        History will not be kind to those self-appointed, unaccountable world kangaroo courts and their siding with Islamic imperialist aggression.

        “And I’m pretty sure with our enormous defense budget, we Americans are capable of defending ourselves.”

        But you’re capitulating as we speak. Enormous defense budget, but American soldiers in Afghanistan are tied down by insane Rules Of Engagement that mean the Taliban just have to hide among women and children. And just recently, America capitulated to Islamic imperialist aggression by apprehending and jailing a filmmaker mistakenly believed to have caused the Benghazi attack.

        “But thanks for the help just the same.”

        The only way we can help you is by providing an example of successfully dealing with Islamic imperialist aggression, and the only way for you to help us do that is by not intervening in favor of the Islamic imperialist aggressors as the U.S.A. did in the 1990s. Quit all this “world opinion” and “international community” malarkey and let every nation deal with its troubles on its own space, without having to take account of what the rest of the world might say.

        • Jim from Iowa

          WOW!!! All I can say is that your take on history, even recent history, is breathtaking. Mass graves of Bosnian Muslims is not an invention of the MSM or that of the Clinton Administration. There is no justification for the crimes of Milosovic and his followers.

          • ziontruth

            “Mass graves of Bosnian Muslims is not an invention of the MSM…”

            Idiot. I did not say killings never happened, I said there’s no way they could have been unprovoked. Going by your logic, David Ben Gurion and his generals should have been tried for the killing of Arabs in Israel’s War of Independence.

            Your readiness to believe that the Muslims were innocent lambs is typical Leftist stuck-on-stupid syndrome.

            • Jim from Iowa

              I see no connection between Serbian criminals and the founders of the modern state of Israel. Why do you insist on linking the authentic and valid nationist aspirations of the Jewish people with those of a third rate Christian thug stuck in the hills of the Balkans such as Milosovic? Is your hatred of Muslims that great? Idiot yourself.

              • Norman B.

                A correction, Jim. Milosevic is not a Christian. He is a communist. And I still maintain that the Serbs are having the last laugh over the troubles France, Britain, Germany and other European countries are having coping with Muslim fanatics in their midst.

                • Jim from Iowa

                  Oh, dear, not you too, Norman. The fighting in the former Yugoslavia had as much to do with religion as any other factor. Milosevic cited defending the Christian faith in Europe against Muslim interlopers as a justification for what the Bosnian Serbs did. This all happened in the ’90′s. Not the 1890′s, but just two decades ago. Surely you must remember the conflict from your own memories, Norman.

                  • Norman B.

                    Milosevic’s Stalinism was illustrated at that time in numerous articles in The New Republic, not exactly a hotbed of right wing extremism, and I was just as outraged by Srebernica as you were. But that was 15 years ago. Serbia is now a democratic country, but you won’t find any Muslim troublemakers infesting Belgrade as they do in Marseille or Malmo.

                  • Inessa

                    The fighting in former Yugoslavia was not so much to do with religion, as much as religion as part of ethnicity. I would compare it to Ireland 30 years ago, where referring to someone as Catholic meant Irish Catholic. If you came from Australia, say, you were defined as Australian, and neither Catholic nor Protestant. I agree with Ziontruth in that there is no way it was unprovoked. If it were purely to do with ethnic cleansing, the only real target would be the centuries old enemy, Croatians. Obviously a terrible atrocity was committed, but it was nothing like the media circus presents. They were not innocent lambs, and if things had gone differently, history would have had a different outcome, but not a peaceful one.

                    • ziontruth

                      “They were not innocent lambs, and if things had gone differently, history would have had a different outcome, but not a peaceful one.”


                      Just reading a few excerpts from MEMRI, it’s very clear what would happen if Israel’s enemies were to defeat the Jewish State: Systematic murder of the men and children, rape of the women to be concubines, pillage and looting of all the riches the Jews have worked to build on this land. There is no doubt in my mind that the Serbs would have met such a fate if they hadn’t put up a serious fight against their Islamic imperialist attackers.

                      So many things are forgotten in the fog of war. In the Israeli War of Independence, Deir Yassin is often brought up as the equivalent of Srebrenica. What a lot of people fail to see is that this isn’t a matter of arguing over what happened, as if this were about Holocaust Denial; it’s about the theater of war itself. Many Arab villages like Deir Yassin were on critical junction points where Jewish convoys with supplies had to pass, so they had to be cleared for the war to be won; usually the Arab villagers fled, but in those cases that they didn’t, like Deir Yassin, what happened was what usually happens in a war: Troops had to get inside the population center and, unfortunately, do the fighting in there. The Islamic warfare tactic of the combatants hiding behind the women and children certainly didn’t help lower the casualty rate. (Jewish Law says the blood is on the hands of the combatants for not putting their own women and children in safety.)

                      There’s a great chance that what happened in Srebrenica was similar to Deir Yassin: Not that atrocities never occurred, but that the Muslim aggressors made them inevitable by making it impossible to remove the threat without entering the population center, and by putting the women and children in harm’s way.

                    • AEWHistory

                      I would actually disagree, at least in part. Yugoslavia did suppress earlier sociology-cultural and religious divisions that came to the surface immediately after the dismemberment if that state. However, I think it would be misleading to omit the Bosnian and Croat atrocities against Serbs as motivating what was largely retribution for said crimes. The Croats and Bosnians were really never punished for murdering 600k Serbs, so the Serbs did it…. A couple generations later and to the wrong people. The ethnic element is there for sure, but don’t forget the Second World War.

              • ziontruth

                “I see no connection between Serbian criminals and the founders of the modern state of Israel.”

                I, on the other hand, see a strong connection between the readiness to believe the MSM’s lies about the war of 1992–5 (“Serbian criminals,” you said) and the same about Israel. I commend you for not believing the MSM’s lies about “Israeli criminals,” but you’re the exception on the Left. As for me, I disbelieve everything the MSM has to say on conflicts where Muslims are a party, so I don’t take their words on Serbia at face value either.

                “Why do you insist on linking the authentic and valid nationist aspirations of the Jewish people with those of a third rate Christian thug stuck in the hills of the Balkans such as Milosovic?”

                I don’t care about Serb nationalism or any other nationalism than mine. But I insist on seeing the similarities in the enemies faced in both cases—the Islamic imperialist enemy and its sordid tactics, as well as the worldwide media enemy and its presentation of a libelous fiction to the world.

                “Is your hatred of Muslims that great?”

                I have the measure of them. I know there’s no level they wouldn’t stoop to in warfare, including mixing their combatants with the civilians in order to reap propaganda benefits. The odds are high that the Muslim civilian casualties in the Balkans War of 1992–5 were victims of the combatants’ policy of putting them in the line of fire, same as in Afghanistan today.

    • Shimon

      You lost me with your apparent support of the genocidal Serb regime.

      • ziontruth

        You lost me with your uncritical acceptance of the MSM’s libelous narrative spun around a nation under the attack of Islamic imperialism. Carrying this uncritical attitude onto Israel, one could easily talk about “the genocidal Israeli regime.” And that’s precisely what’s happening thanks to the worldwide Marxist-owned, Islam-sympathizing media’s constant dripping of poison on the Jewish State. That’s the reason why I keep saying the Jewish State must coerce the media outlets to cease and desist from libeling the Jewish State for starters, and then to trumpet the Zionist narrative as atonement for years of waging propaganda war against Israel.

  • Allah’s Porq Sandwich

    We used to have fire but we had to kill the infidel inventor. Allahu Carbomb

  • brett

    I would love to smash a banana creme pie right in her ugly Jew hating face.

  • Sylvia

    Well, let’s try this little game

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    A viper bit Gilad Atzmon
    The snake’s fangs struck his throat exposed
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    Please feel free to make improvements too. In such a way that no one will ever again think of Gilad Atzmon without picturing a snake going for his throat.

  • Allah’s Porq Sandwich

    Her name is Irma Grese.

  • james Goldman(Arcaneone–Israel)

    I wish that some people could understand that their
    causes are not the world’s ca uses. Serbia was the gallant ally of the US/UK in both world wars and suffered terribly for it. They are credited with saving Moscow, and possibly the entire war, by delaying the German attack on Russia on into the Russian Winter. Don’t they deserve ANYTHING from us for t hat?