Greta Berlin’s Antisemitism Undeniable

In case you have not been swayed by the overwhelming evidence of Free Gaza co-founder Greta Berlin’s antisemitism, read this damning account by one of her fellow pro palestinian activists.

On July 11, 2012 I started poking around “Our Land”. I found this article, with a personalized introduction posted by Greta, about Zionist-Nazi collaboration:

At the time, the group had just begun, and it included a wide range of voices. While the issue of Zionist leaders having some level of coordination with the Nazi government is well-established, someone immediately took issue with the introduction, which did not come from the article itself but was added by Greta. Particularly, the idea that “The H” was “to a large degree created” by Zionists.

Here is part of the discussion that followed:

Greta’s assertion that the introduction was not hers but was a comment her “Jewish friend” wrote could not be verified, as the comments on this article had been turned off by due to “racism”. This excuse, however, once again reeks of the same rationale she used about the tweet: these aren’t her words, yet she still chooses to disseminate them, without qualification.


After it became clear that The Electronic Intifada had gained access to the group, there was a belated attempt at a cover-up. On October 9th, several prominent members of Greta’s support network, along with the most racist contributor, deleted their Facebook pages, eliminating their previous posts to the group. When administrator Sam Siddiqui deleted her Facebook profile, she took with it a post in which another member of the group wrote that she did not support Greta because she too had confronted Greta about her anti-Semitic rhetoric on Facebook (in one example I saw, Greta blamed bad coverage of Israel/Palestine in the Economist on the fact that it is “50% owned by the Rothchilds.”

And it gets better. Read the whole thing.

I’d love to see how Larry Derfner and company respond to these latest revelations.

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  • Allah’s Porq Sandwich

    I suspect she/them will double down. This is what they believe. Rest assured though what Berlin is inching toward is not that the Holocaust was ‘done’ by Jews, but that it didn’t happen at all. That’s her point in ascribing her own words to some nameless Jew she won’t tell us about.

    Derfner, 972Rag and all the rest, in for a penny, in for a pound will go along, as will Mondoweiss (I wish you had told me that link went there before I soiled my soul clicking it). Now that we’ve established that the Jews ‘did’ the Holocaust and declared war on the German People/World, etc, it’s a short hop to turn that around and claim Berlin’s same nameless Jew made the whole thing up.

    Greta Berlin will soon welcome David Irving, David Duke and all the rest.

  • walt kovacs


    why are you assisting the jew haters of the “pro pali by killing all the jews” movement?

    it is a given that berlin is a jew hater

    it is also a given that all of her cohorts in the fgm, ism, mondoweiss, electronic intifada, etc, are too

    why else would she have been so comfortable in posting the original link?

    to only go after her and pointing out that they too are going after her…serves their purposes and supports their contention that they dont hate jews…only zionists

    they are all jew hating bastards

    greta has always voiced her jew hate and they didnt care…cuz they agreed

    eff them all

    • ziontruth

      “to only go after her and pointing out that they too are going after her…serves their purposes and supports their contention that they dont hate jews…only zionists”

      Dave’s idea is probably something on the lines of, “How bad do you have to be that even Mondoweiss is condemning you?” on Greta Berlin. But it’s a good point for itself, your point that we mustn’t let the anti-Zionist type of Jew-haters get away by condemning the occasional classical type of Jew-hater that’s turned too hot to handle.

      The motley crew at Mound o’ Scheiss, like so many other anti-Zionists, think the idea of robbing the Jewish nation of their one and only nation-state on their one and only land could somehow pass muster as innocuous to Jews. They’re totally wrong and should be called on it. Anti-Zionism is Jew-hatred just as it would have been Greek-hatred in the 1820s to say the Greeks should give up on their dream of returning to political sovereignty on Hellas (“I respect the Greek people and their history but there’s no turning the clock back, and it could endanger the delicate balance of power in the region; let them build a new Athens and Parthenon somewhere else in the world.”)

      And so is the fictitious narrative of a “non-Jewish indigenous Palestinian nation.” It too is an integral part of the new acceptable form of Jew-hatred, having been designed with malice aforethought to deny the truth that the Jews are the only true Palestinian nation while the Arab colonists in Palestine have no claim to any part of the land and should stick to what little they have (21 states from Atlantic to Indian ocean shore).

      Anti-Zionismus delendus est. And any anti-Zionist mentioning he’s a Jew doesn’t make it better—on the contrary, it makes it much, much worse, for a Jew to be an accomplice in the modern justification to the age-old hatred. Jews aren’t anti-Zionists!

    • Aussie Dave

      Sorry, but I find that to be a ridiculous argument. I am showing how the co-founder of Free Gaza is a rabid antisemite, based on a number of things, including observation of some in her own camp. Making blanket statements such a “they are all Jew haters” is neither accurate nor useful.

      • walt kovacs


        philly weiss loves jews?

        did you read the comment section that accompanied the article?

        ali abuwhatever, is a jew lover that just happens to deny the jewish connection to the land and repeats the myth of a pali people and culture?

        maybe you mean gilad atzmon

        if you were speaking about the misguided fools that believe a pali state, alongside the state of israel would bring peace…i might agree

        but the people currently attacking berlin are in the camp that demonizes israel, her people and her supporters

        they are attacking berlin because they are afraid to be exposed for what they are…and so they play this game

        • Aussie Dave

          Did I say Philip Weiss loves Jews?

          The point is the co-founder of Free Gaza is exposed as a rabid antisemite. That should speak volumes about the genesis and purpose of such an organization.

          Yes, I am aware some of those attacking her also hate Israel. It does not mean I shouldn’t mention them nor draw attention to the imploding of their movement.

          Kol hakavod that you already know what these people are about, but many people don’t. That is where people like me come in. Bloviating about how they are all Jew haters does not convince anyone but the converted. Facts and evidence do.

  • walt kovacs

    dont read the article…read the comments section

    • Aussie Dave

      Thanks for pointing it out and I encourage readers to do so.

      • Norman B.

        I did, and it’s highly entertaining, to say the least, with hairsplitting that would make a shyster lawyer proud.

      • Norman B.

        Also, the comments show these people to be conflicted as much within themselves and with each other as with the outside world. We rightfully complained that President Obama was wrongheaded in using the Holocaust to justify Israel’s existence, but he did the Arabs no favor by turning it into the tar baby on which they are stuck in trying to get their propaganda out.

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