Hamas Celebrates One-Year Anniversary Of Gilad Shalit Deal


Hamas has marked the first year anniversary of the terrorists-for-Shalit exchange deal, by holding a “majestic” parade – albeit crowdless – as well as releasing a film on Shalit’s capture.

Yes, yet another film flaunting the capture.

For a poverty stricken people, they’ve certainly spent quite a bit of money on this.

Update: They’ve also released this online magazine.

Highlights include:

An advertisement for the latest episode of Deadliest Warrior: Hamasholes vs Mongols..

A section on the importance of beard trimming..

A special feature on people with weird looking foreheads..

An article on NASA..

A feature on Hamasholes coping with the reality of life with tiny appendages..

Camping tips..

The obligatory luggage and deodorant advertisements..

Movie advertisements, including the latest Hulk movie..

..and a remake of The Birds..

An Auto section..

And of course the sports section..

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