Lauren Booth Claims Mohammed Invented The Word “Cool”

Yes, really.

I would have thought Jews had invented “cool” since she seems to have boycotted it.

Update: The above video indicates her daughter has graduated from wearing a kaffiyeh.

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  • Inessa

    Those girls remInd me of the singing nazi girls.

    • David

      Ha! Except that the singing Nazi girls grew up and got over it. For now at least, the Booth kids are still apeing mommy.

  • Norman B.

    Frigid is more like it, especially applied to the speaker.

  • Shirl in Oz

    What a nut!

    To think the man to whom she was married and is the father of her children is Jewish.

  • E Pluribus Beagle

    Sometimes you just turn on the camera and let the crazies do their thing.

  • rafrafuk

    Is this ground for contacting Social services and letting them know how much abuse these children are suffering from ?

    • E Pluribus Beagle

      In the UK? This sort of thing is encouraged.

  • Travis

    Did she convert her daughters?

  • Eddie

    Did lauren booth go the full monty and submit to the FGM for herself and her daughters?

    Otherwise lauren booth is slumming.

  • Pro Israel Girl

    Could her daughter be any more unhappier? In the above video, that is.

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