It’s Blitz-kreig But In A Good Way


On Friday morning I visited a new business that just launched in Israel. Blitz Motors is bringing electric scooters to Israel and it looks like they’ve done a nice job. I’m waiting to be taken for a ride on one (I believe I have a bike license but I’ve never had instruction and I wouldn’t dare ride one in Tel Aviv).

Their main selling point is that they’ve managed to get the Israeli government and insurance companies to classify both their bikes as 50cc equivalent when in reality they’re selling two models, one comprable with a 125cc and the other more like a 250 or 300cc.

Both bikes can be plugged directly into any domestic electricity socket (unlike my car) and it will be hard to even notice the electricity cost of riding 1km (though these kinds of bikes don’t use a lot of gas, the fuel cost will drop dramatically). The other cost that drops is insurance which for most users turns out to cost more than fuel.

The larger bike can do 110 kmh and has a maximum range of 120 km (which I suspect means 80km is more realistic). But they re-charge in a few hours so they’re perfect for city commuting.

Check out their site for more information on their electric scooters and tell them you heard about them via Israellycool!

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