Shmuley Botayak

We already knew Shmuley Boteach – the Bobblehead Rabbi – had an unkosher-sized ego.

Seeing the following commercial for Shmuley’s congressional bid will do nothing to dispel this notion. Just count the number of times his name is mentioned (and mispronounced, might I add).

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New Shmuley Political Ad | Israellycool
07 November 2012 at 6:11pm
[...] the light of the infamous “Shmuely Botayak” political ad, and ...

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  • Jim from Iowa

    Sounds a bit like a beer commercial to me.
    Bartender: What’ll you have?
    Customer: Make mine a Shmuley Boteach…with a wine chaser, barkeep.

  • steve plaut

    You sure you mean the size of his “EGO”??
    Aussie – take a look at this:

    I just know you can do something with it!

    Cheers, Steve Plaut

  • F Callen

    smelly buttock

  • Morris Katz

    This idiotic ad was brought to you by Smelly Shelly Adelson.

  • jpl

    He lost the election.

    • juvanya

      And no one was shocked that day.

      • Jim from Iowa

        Amazingly, I don’t think even his most prominent benefactor, Sheldon Adelson, could really have been surprised. Even Citizen’s United doesn’t guarantee that you can buy every election in which big money tries to prevail. Maybe there is a God in heaven afterall.

  • E Pluribus Beagle

    Thank you NJ for re electing Pascrells a neo nazi pro jihad pro holocaust sympathizer to Congress.

    Good job. Where’s my Yellow Star?

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