Israel Just Showed Up With A Moving Van

This one has to be seen to be believed. Highlights include the one raised by a Jewish parent. If any readers ever have the misfortune to date this young man, feel free to drug him and tie him naked to a pole in a bad part of town.

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  • mzk1

    Don’t drink and vote! Please!

  • Elihu

    Happy ‘day after’- We can only pray that is not what “hope and change” looks like when you strip of its veneer – Welcome to the lost generation. Not to say that Conservatives are all geniuses, but this is a group of students seem more representative of the so-called ‘thoughtful’ crew – and that’s what makes this so frightening.

  • juvanya

    Forget their opinions on Israel. What about their opinions on Obama? These tools dont have a clue. Obama is just as likely to invade or bomb Iran as Romney. I honestly think hes more likely. Do they forget Libya? Do they not care about Somalia, Yemen, Pakistan?

    When I was talking to the anti israel people on campus, they were iffy on Obama as a necessary evil for domestic issues. I was like “he hasnt done anything for you”. They all think hes great. I did too, but after 2 years I saw he wasnt what he claimed to be. How do these people still support that jackass.

  • Jim from Iowa

    Looks like your work at IsraellyCool is not yet done. There is still a lot of ignorance about Israel in this country and the role our country should play in the Middle East.

  • JetHeadJoe

    I have more faith in Israel than I do the United States. Israel has to be serious about the threats it faces everyday to survive. These soft-skulled Obama supporters wouldn’t last five minutes having to put up with what Israel tolerates on a daily basis.

  • Norman B.

    Er, most Americans, including many Obama supporters, stand behind Israel, and Obama himself, despite four years of media bluster, has maintained full military cooperation because it is in America’s interest to do so. According to the esteemed professor Barry Rubin writing in JPost, the next big regional conflict is between Sunnis and Shi’ites, and it may already be raging in Syria, and nothing alarms the Muslim Brotherhood more than Iran developing a Shi’ite bomb. As Obama gropes stability in the Middle East, he may find himself needing Israel more than Israel needs him.

  • E Pluribus Beagle

    In 20 years these voters will be the people voters are voting for.

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