BDS Fail Of The Day

A group of the usual bunch of BDSholes hit with the ugly stick protesting the Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra – with the usual atrocious acting and singing.

“Highlights” include the painted-face woman who sounds like she is having an orgasm, as well as the return of BDS freak “Moob.”

Flashback: “Moob” in action

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  • Judge Dan

    2:01 – 2:12: Jerking off.

    • Aussie Dave

      Yes, look at my annotations on the video!

  • Jim from Iowa

    I’ve never liked clowns all that much to begin with, but this BDS performance just confirms it for me. Clowns aren’t fun or funny (maybe even a little creepy) but mostly just annoying.

  • Inessa

    Really. Heard about going to work?

  • Hundra the Warrior Woman

    I want what she’s having!

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