Revealing Photos On Facebook Page Of Shirley Temper’s Father

The Facebook page of Tamimi Press – which is run by Baseem Tamimi, palestinian “activist” and father of Shirley Temper – contains a number of very revealing photos, including:

One that shows these protests are not just about one village:

One that shows the Pallywood inspiration:

Evidence of other attempts to provoke soldiers in front of the cameras, this time at the hands of a “defenseless” woman:

Evidence of their awareness of the importance of influencing through social media:

Support for baker confirmed Islamic Jihad terrorist leader Khader Adnan:

..and unrepentant released Sbarro terrorist Ahlam Tamimi:


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Facebook Comments

  • c

    A question I’ve asked before–is Ahlam a (fairly close) relation? Obviously she’s a member of the same hamula, but I’d be interested if it’s any closer than that.

    • Aussie Dave

      Good question. I don’t have an answer.

      • cba

        I’m sure if you find out you’ll let us know!

        Good work exposing this, Dave.

        שבת שלום

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  • manal tamimi

    first, Mr Dave if you want to talk about terrorist you sould first talk about your army who killes children and women every day ,
    second, the reson we creat Tamimi Press is to expose all the Isralei zionist propaganda ,we balieve that Israeli propoganda brain wash the western world ,

    third , about your qouistion about Ahlam , yes she is our first cousin and we celebrate her releasing ,
    after all the crimes israel commited the natural feeling gonna be heat , we beliave that there is good Jewish and not all of them zionist and we are ready to except them in our houses but in the same time we have the right to fight back any body wnat to harm our children and steal our lands and demolish our houses , this is Palestine since ever and for ever palestine , and everybody lives here should call palestinina dosnt matter what is his relehouse

    • Jim from Iowa

      A good Jew is a Neturei Karta Jew, right? It\’s all starting become clear for me now. Thanks for the comment, buddy.

    • Norman B.

      \”Every day?\” Name a woman and child who the Israeli Army killed in each of the last seven days and we will check that out and verify it. I\’ve had enough of the dirty lies of you racist murderers.

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