One Of Best Sites For Photos On Impact Of Rocket Attacks On Israelis the Islamic Jihad site!

You see, not only are they targeting Israeli civilians, but are also getting much naches and satisfaction from seeing the injuries and fear they are causing. So much so, that they are posting photos like the following:

They have also posted this video of one of their rocket launches, which should indicate to you that we are not dealing with harmless homemade projectiles, as terror apologists would have you believe.

Not to be outdone, Hamas has posted its own video.

For the terror apologists among you who frequently claim it is the IDF who are terrorists, when was the last time the IDF posted “bragging” photos and video of civilians being hurt, killed or simply petrified?

Yeah, I thought so.

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  • Jim from Iowa

    Though we may disagree on who we should choose for our political leadership for our respective countries, Dave, there is no disagreement on who are the good guys and who are the bad guys between the IDF and Hamas. Making this point in such a clear and compelling way is the single best thing you do on this site. I only wish more of my fellow Americans would rely on IsraellyCool (at least in part) for this vital information.

    • E Pluribus Beagle

      Except of course when you peruse such ‘liberal’ as Salon, Alternet and Huffington Post where the actual comments from the readers about articles and pictures like this are “Good! Kill more of them!”

      So there’s that.

      • Jim from Iowa

        Reading the comments section in many of these politically-oriented websites depresses me. I can assure you that such wrong-headed and intemperate comments are not the exclusive province of the Left. Spend some time on Breitbart and that point will become clear to any fair-minded person. Our politics are broken and both sides need to fix it.

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