‘From One Muslim To Another’

Homeland’s Damian Lewis talks of the time he signed a Homeland box set for US President Barack Obama

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  • Travis

    “Homeland” has become increasingly preposterous and the Claire Danes character seems so unprofessional that she would be pulled immediately. Just watch them make “Brody” (the Muslim convert and terrorist who wanted to “suicde bomb”) into a hero at the end.

  • Elise/ Libertys Spirit

    Apparently Damian Lewis has not read the script of his own show. His character is kept in a dungeon and tortured. He is then given modest freedom by the head of an AL-queda type individual. The character then turns to Islam under this Islamists tutelage. So tell me how the character turned to Islam of his own free will. Also considering the character is a terrorist trying to kill Americans in the name of Allah tell me how does this show that Moslems are not violent?

    Perhaps it is Lewis’ unabashed hatred for Israel (he is a BDSer) that has clouded his mind rendering him totally devoid of any intelligence.

    • http://www.israellycool.com/ Aussie Dave

      Where did you read he is a BDSer? I have not read anything of the sort.

      • Elise/ Libertys Spirit

        Maybe I am remembering wrong but I thought I read it in one your lists. I just rechecked your lists and his name is not there. But I remember reading it somewhere and being very disappointed since I happen to also be a huge fan of Band of Brothers.I will try to figure out where i read it and let you know. Also if I can’t find it i will get back to you too.

        • Elise/ Libertys Spirit

          OK I have looked for a little bit now and can’t find his name and Israel linked anywhere except that Homeland is based on an Israeli series. I have no idea where I read it then if not here. Sorry for the confusion.

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