Obama’s Statement On Hundreds Of Missiles Hitting Israel

Update! This from the US’s man in Tel Aviv (not Jerusalem of course):

(and yes, I just spent 15 minutes looking at WhiteHouse.gov to check)

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Hague You Are Evil And Sorry Obama | Israellycool
15 November 2012 at 11:11am
[...] few days ago I criticised the Obama Administration for remaining silent on the ...

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  • http://www.israellycool.com/ Aussie Dave

    I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

  • walt kovacs

    and if you hear the same sound after israel wipes gaza off the face of then earth…be happy

  • Jim from Iowa

    I don’t know how closely you follow U.S. news, but President Obama has a few things on his plate on which to focus his attention. Like the looming fiscal cliff showdown with the House Republicans. Or the head of the CIA suddenly resigning over an extramarital affair and elements of the Congressional intelligence committees trying to tie this to Benghazi. Or trying to line up his new cabinet for his second term starting in Jan. The guy is kinda busy.

    • Dougie

      Well, despite all that, he has plenty of time to play golf…

    • Travis

      You ever hear of the concept of “multi tasking” or can he f**t and chew gum at the same time?

  • Tacitus

    Sooo busy he did not have time for golf this weekend.
    Oh wait he did.

    • Jim from Iowa

      I think you guys just like to poke our president in the eye no matter what’s happening in the world. Go ahead, he can take it. He won re-election and you’ll just have to accept that reality for the next four years. What magic words that he hasn’t said a hundred times before regarding the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict would make the slightest bit of difference in resolving this current dust-up?

      • tom

        As long as you’re happy with a muslim president, then everything’s fine…right?

        Oh and speaking of re-elected:
        He’s the second president of all the 15 presidents (who served two terms in a row, with him 16) who was re-elected with a smaller vote than the first time elected.

        Muslim brother (-hood)

        • Jim from Iowa

          And he’s the first Democratic candidate to be elected twice with more than 50% of the popular vote since FDR. So there’s that. Your accusation that Obama is a Muslim is too stupid to take seriously.

          • tom

            stupid or not, how ever you want it he is:
            Barack Hussain ibn Abdallah.

            And yes he is he Muslim.

            “I want the truth!”
            “YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!!!”

            • Dan S.

              Muslim president? Tom, you’re an asshole. Gehen Sie Der Donalds arsch lecken.

              • tom

                Why in German?
                What happened?
                Why is everyone here so “touched” by the fact his middle name is Hussain?
                I really don’t get it, honestly…

                • Dan S.

                  The reason, Arschloch, Obama’s middle name is “Hussein” is that his father’s name was Hussein.

                  Now gai kocken affen yam. Oder, gehen Sie in Meer scheissen. Your choice.

                  • Inessa

                    He is not Muslim, though his father was Muslim (hence the name). He was also raised for some time by his Christian grandparents and identifies himself as Christian. However, while not being Muslim, I would call him a Dhimmi. Even if he were Muslim, that wouldn’t preclude him from being a good president per se, (though difficult to imagine). But being a Dhimmi, makes the leader of the free world a bit of a joke. What is it they say about nations getting the leaders they deserve?

                    • tom

                      Look, his father was/is a Muslim he’s automatically a Muslim. Like a Jewish person is by his mother Jewish.
                      I don’t know why this soooo difficult to understand…

                    • Shirl in Oz

                      Inessa of course he is a Muslim for G-d’s sake.
                      I live in the part of the world where we are very familiar with Indonesia and Muslims.

                      His father was a Muslim, his stepfather was a Muslim, he was raised in Indonesia. No way he isn’t one.

                      His school records show him registered as one

            • ziontruth

              “And yes he is he Muslim.”

              I don’t consider this the wildest conspiracy theory around, but there’s no proof. He certainly sympathizes with Islam and its adherents, and in Dreams From My Father he unequivocally said he’d stand with them, but you don’t need to be a Muslim for that. A cursory look at the articles and their comments at any true-red Marxist site like Common Dreams shows how entrenched this unholy alliance between Islamic imperialism and the Far Left has become.

              Pending satisfactory proof, I believe Obama is a man of no particular religious faith (the “civic religion” for public consumption doesn’t count) but an adherent of the political creed of Marxism, which also accounts for his congenial attitude toward Islam.

              • Jim from Iowa

                Do you have any idea how many American progressives feel about President Obama in their heart of hearts? They’re not only disappointed in his first term (tripling down on Afghanistan, giving up on universal health care, caving to the House GOP on tax rates, etc.) but they fear anything like a progressive agenda in his second term will go unrealized as well. As for Israel, I part company with many on the Left, who truly are quite hostile to Israel. On the whole I feel President Obama has been a good and true friend of Israel in his first term and will remain so throughout his presidency. Obama will never be Netanyahu’s lap dog as perhaps a President Romney would have been, but that might not be a bad thing for either of us.

                • Mottie


                  There’s no point. Like the 9/11 “truthers”, the “birthers”, the “Obama-is-a-Marxist-Mooslim” paranoiacs and, prima facie, anyone calling him/herself “ziontruth”, are impervious to rational discourse. There is legitimate criticism to be made of Obama, but you won’t find it among these wingnuts.

                  • ziontruth

                    “Obama-is-a-Marxist-Mooslim paranoiacs”

                    Well, that’s a new one on me, the idea that someone is a paranoiac for thinking Obama is a Marxist.

                    Right, I’m going to say Obama is a Reaganesque fiscal conservative just to please you and your ilk. /sarc No, I think not. Being a Marxist is consistent with both past background and present actions of Obama, so it’s as the shoe fits.

                    “and, prima facie, anyone calling him/herself ‘ziontruth’,”

                    Bigot. And I thought you a sane poster.

                    “There is legitimate criticism to be made of Obama,…”

                    I’ll be the judge of what criticism is legitimate in this case. You don’t get to shame me, pardner, I’m a Neozionist, one of that new kind of Zionist Jews who couldn’t care less.

                • ziontruth

                  “Do you have any idea how many American progressives feel about President Obama in their heart of hearts?”

                  Yes, I know, I read their websites. Partisans of a political view usually want action to be immediate, so I understand why they’d be disappointed.

                  “…but they fear anything like a progressive agenda in his second term will go unrealized as well.”

                  We’ll have to wait and see. Which agenda is implemented locally in the U.S. of A. is none of my business, but I’m wary of appeasement. I don’t care if America tries to improve its relationships with the Muslim world, except if it’s by bribing the Muslims with Jewish possessions.

                  “On the whole I feel President Obama has been a good and true friend of Israel in his first term…”

                  Hmmm… let’s just say he gets dibs from me for not going Eisenhower on Israel so far. (Yeah, I’m talking about 1956.)

                  “…and will remain so throughout his presidency.”

                  I’ll settle for him not caring about Israel and not doing anything either for or against Israel no matter what happens. That’s good enough. As I said, there’s no non-Jewish duty of loving or supporting the Jews and their state, there’s only the basic decency of not being against.

                  “Obama will never be Netanyahu’s lap dog as perhaps a President Romney would have been,…”

                  You lost me with the expression “lap dog,” Jim.

                  Romney would have been in good terms with Netanyahu seeing as they both share the same American cultural milieu—the big business background above all. But “lap dog”?! This idea of “the Israeli tail wagging the American dog” is straight out of the Jew-hating sources and is totally wrong. If Romney as president were to dislike an idea or action floated around by Netanyahu, he’d have smacked him down just as surely as Obama would.

                  “…but that might not be a bad thing for either of us.”

                  And there may not be a choice either. Like you said, Obama has a lot of things on his plate right now, and that’s true for Netanyahu as well.

          • mrzee

            He is also only the second Democrat to be elected twice since FDR

      • Shirl in Oz

        “What magic words that he hasn’t said ”

        Let’s try
        1. Condemning Hamas and Co

        2. Speaking with Netanyahu and offering help to flatten Gaza

  • Tacitus

    So you admit he hasnt been to busy? lol

    • Jim from Iowa

      I can recognize unfair criticism when I see it. But enjoy yourself just the same.

  • E Pluribus Beagle

    I would prefer Obama says nothing in lieu of badly lying.

  • Mottie

    I’m with Jim from Iowa on this. We don’t need to ask “daddy” when we send a helicopter over Gaza. And Obama (well, his people) was actually busy trying to squelch Abbas’ latest UN ploy, which is a more important issue. Not to mention that Bibi is hardly Barack’s best friend these days. Israel can handle its business with Gaza without needing anyone’s permission… or encouragement.

  • http://www.israellycool.com/author/brianoflondon/ Brian of London

    I agree, nothing is better than the inevitable calls for constraint. Obviously he’s not bovv’ad so he shouldn’t be bovv’ad when we strike back. Fire at will boys.

  • Mottie

    And the “Obama-is-an-African-Marxist-Muslim-zombie” comments here are utterly embarrassing. I’m sure every group has its idiots but having them pop up regularly at the slightest excuse only subverts legitimate criticism and discussion. Tom, go monger your conspiracies somewhere else.

    • tom

      When did anyone say this was a conspiracy? Who defines it as a conspiracy?
      Wow, some folks here have are really short fuse…

    • rulierose

      oh really now Mottie. Barack Obama has already written two autobiographies about how deeply influenced he was by his father, who happened to be Kenyan, Marxist, anti-colonialist, and Muslim. to pretend otherwise and name-call (“conspiracy” theories? huh?) is to ignore reality. altho…

      …since last Tuesday, seeing half my countrymen reelect Obama…maybe I’m the one who’s ignoring the reality of a permanent moocher class in America.

      it may be time to go Galt.

  • Mottie

    And the idea that the American president should be tweeting his support of Israel at every incident/opportunity is demeaning… to Israel. The whole raison d’être of Israel was to rely on itself, that Jews would no longer be dependent on the grudging goodwill of fickle hosts in say Poland or Germany or Iraq. Of course, Israel finds itself in a very hostile neighborhood and it is enormously helpful to have friends elsewhere. Powerful friends. Throwing tantrums when these friends don’t immediately react the way one wants is utterly childish, and only demeans us. The US has a pretty busy — and dangerous — agenda these days. That it seems to recognize that Israel will do what’s appropriate in the current circumstances — on its own — should be reassuring and a compliment/complement to our relationship.

    • tom

      In general you’re right.
      In detail you’re missing one point: A good word. It doesn’t cost anything, takes 2 minutes and is worth more than millions of US$.
      A good friend is a good friend. And obviously, as the ones above stated, Israel doesn’t need a pointing finger or a minister telling them to freeze building activities (in their own country!!!), so yes, in general silence is gold and with this unfriendly president it’s more like diamond or platinum.

    • ziontruth

      “And the idea that the American president should be tweeting his support of Israel at every incident/opportunity is demeaning… to Israel. The whole raison d’être of Israel was to rely on itself, that Jews would no longer be dependent on the grudging goodwill of fickle hosts in say Poland or Germany or Iraq.”

      Quoted for truth.

      I’m an isolationist because foreign entanglements are un-Jewish as well as un-American. Foreign policy works a lot better when based on a solid foundation, namely: The world doesn’t owe us anything, and we don’t owe anything to the world. If we need weapons we’ll have to get them through plain trade deals.

  • walt kovacs

    you guys should be more worried if he appoints rice as the new sec of state

    now she does hate israel

    • Norman B.

      She will not likely be confirmed, as she was caught lying about Benghazi on numerous news programs.

  • E Pluribus Beagle

    Again though, Obama’s megalomaniac pronouncements about where he shall suffer Jews to live are as meaningful as the nonsense Abbas utters. I would prefer he shut up and scurry off to Turkey to kiss Erdogan’s ass.

  • Mottie

    I don’t always agree with Tom Friedman, but he’s got it right this time. We’re on our own.


    And Jeff Goldberg is also right.


    (I like his quip in the post below that one… “I want to play poker with Sheldon Adelson.”… I wouldn’t bet on Adelson’s horses any time soon!)

    • Norman B.

      The true test for Obama will come when Israel hits back on Gaza. Neither Friedman nor Goldberg realize that in Israel, Netanyahu is regarded as a centrist, the left has used up its political capital, and Ha’aretz’s subscribers are almost entirely foreign.

      • ziontruth

        Well said on all counts.

      • Jim from Iowa

        But don’t confuse a less than full-throated statement of support from Obama for Israeli action as American opposition. There are a lot of moving parts in American foreign policy, particularly when it comes to Israel. Expect condemnation of terrorist rocket attacks by Hamas while counseling restrained (but justified) Israeli military action. Israelis can’t agree on a unified course of action in Gaza. Don’t expect more from even your best friends.

        • Inessa

          Seriously? Israel no longer expects anything. However, any statement of advise, regarding how restrained their response should be, would be hypocritical and sanctimonious. How many rockets would it take for the US to respond? And who would they want to be publicly speculating as to what that response should be?

          • Jim from Iowa

            Yes, seriously, Inessa. I’m trying to operate within the real world in which we live, not the idealized one both of us would prefer. We have allies around the world who do not support our military, economic and political assistance to Israel. It doesn’t help matters when Israel has a foreign minister in Avigdor Lieberman who is reviled in much of the world. Israel should do what it needs to do to protect it’s citizen and know that the American people are with you despite the muted diplomatic language coming from our government.

            • ziontruth

              “I’m trying to operate within the real world in which we live, not the idealized one both of us would prefer.”

              When I hear or read this kind of thing, I no longer perceive it as-is. What I hear or read in those words is simply, “Israel needs to keep being the doormat of the world.”

              Shove it, defeatists. We don’t need you. We don’t need your help. All we need is for you to stay out when we do what any self-preserving nation must do. Stay out or it will be the worse for you!

              • Jim from Iowa

                Just go back into your temple, stay there until the danger has passed and let the grown-ups in Israel do what they need to do. You really are part of a teeny, tiny irrelevant vocal minority, wedded to an irrational, brain-dead ideology, impractical to the end. But it is good to get this stuff off your chest, I suppose.

                • ziontruth

                  “You really are part of a teeny, tiny irrelevant vocal minority,…”

                  You’re in for a shock. Demography, the same factor that has put America onto the path of permanent Marxist decline, now that more than 50% are addicted to state-offered freebies, is swelling the ranks of the religious Jews in Israel. And since being religious also means believing this land belongs to us Jews and none other, this means there’s going to be a majority for the opinions I express.

                  “…wedded to an irrational, brain-dead ideology, impractical to the end.”

                  Let me not hear about “irrational, brain-dead ideologies” from those who still believe peace with the Arabs through negotiations and concessions is possible, after all we went through in the 2000s. And let me not hear about “impracticality” from those who have done everything in their power to prevent the option of mass expulsion from ever being tried out in the first place.

                  “But it is good to get this stuff off your chest, I suppose.”

                  It is good to show people reading over here how easily answered your sophisticated-sounding yet fundamentally puerile hippie cliches are.

                  • Jim from Iowa

                    I stopped being a hippie around 1970. But keep on truckin’ anyway, man. And weed is slowly becoming legal here in the states. Maybe if you visit we could spark up to celebrate. Peace.

                    • tom

                      I’ll have a “shachta” :-)

    • ziontruth

      “I don’t always agree with Tom Friedman, but he’s got it right this time. We’re on our own.”

      Are we? In the sense that no other nation is going to help us, I agree we’re on our own (and I think that’s a good thing). But are we on our own also in the sense that no other nation is going to poke its nose into our affairs when we carpet-bomb or mass-expel the Arab colonists usurping our land? That’s the main question.

      “And Jeff Goldberg is also right.”

      I can’t believe it, but Goldberg’s article happens to be worse than Friedman’s. At least Friedman says “Israel is on its own” and leaves it at that, making nearly no moral judgments on Israel. But look at the sick stuff Goldberg has to say:

      “Flattening Gaza is not a moral solution, nor a practical solution.”

      What do you know about moral solutions, Goldberg? Morality is where God makes the rules, and the Torah on the subject of warfare is very clear on that: The duty of leaving civilians unhurt exists if and only if the combatants take good care to put them in safety, away from the line of fire; if not, as is the Islamic combatants’ wont everywhere, Jewish Law says flatten it all, and the blood is on the hands on the ones who put the civilians in the line of fire.

      And that’s not even going into the fact that the Torah commands the Jewish nation to forcibly remove the entire enemy population from of the Land of Israel (Numbers 33:50–53). And you can’t say it isn’t moral, because it’s not you who determines whether the Torah is moral, but the Torah that determines whether you are moral.

      “What he doesn’t seem to understand is that he doesn’t possess the political capital to ask the West for its understanding.”

      We did not set up our state again after 2000 years to have to ask the other nations for their agreement to our self-defense! This is the defeatist mindset of a shtetl Jew! It was necessary in the shtetl, but we no longer have to put it up with it!

      “There’s plenty of blame to go around for the collapse of the peace process;”

      No, you nincompoop, the blame is entirely on the Arab imperialist aggressors, for wishing to rob the Jewish nation of its one and only land in the world while they already have a score of those; no matter how much they hide that unjust ambition under the fictitious narrative of a “non-Jewish Palestinian nation” that nobody had heard about before the 1960s!

      “Why not work, for at least a few days, to convince the world to pay attention to Hamas’s crimes? Why let Hamas define the narrative?”

      The only way Israel can convince the world is by coercing the worldwide MSM outlets to cease and desist with their anti-Zionist propaganda and furthermore toe the pro-Zionist line as atonement for years of complicity with Islamic imperialist aggression. Again, this isn’t something that can be achieved with “pretty please with sugar on top,” it’ll require forceful action by the Jewish State.

      My gosh, this reminds me of Eitan Haber’s column in Yediot Ahronot from this morning, where he presents a false dilemma between letting the rockets keep raining and returning to maintain a military occupation over Gaza’s Arab population. That’s what happens when you shut the option—the very Jewish option, supported throughout the orthodox canon, so don’t you get me started with “against Jewish values”—of expelling the hostile population from our land. We are not colonists, invaders, settlers or interlopers here, but the Arabs are, and we owe them (and the rest of the world) nothing, nothing at all!

      • Mottie

        Oh my, why even try to reason with such messianic mania? Thank goodness the idotic wing have even fewer votes in Israel than the Tea Party in the US.

  • ziontruth

    Obama is of no consequence, even if he appears to be. That’s because God is in control. Victory will be His in the end. He is on our side, and therefore, great shall be our enemies’ fall! Save us soon, O HaShem, and all shall know that You are one, and Your name will be one through all the land.

  • tom

    Look to all you haters, and yes you wannabe-german-cursing moron:
    The islamic “halacha” or “laws” say that in islam a person is a muslim, if his father is/was. So according to Islam he’s a muslim. Even if he was baptized, etc. I don’t care.
    No need for any conspiracies, just check your facts.
    1, 2, 3 let the ranting begin.

    Just to the ranting-cursing guy in German, it’s ok, I live in Europe and I can fully understand your foul language. I just can’t really understand, if you’re trying to curse in Yiddish or German. If it’s German, you can come by a later time and I’ll give you a proper Arschtritt-Nachhilfestunden, ganz tief in deinen Enddarm. Jetzt kannst Du deinen Finger aus dem Arsch ziehen.

  • rulierose

    to Brian of London and Aussie Dave and all my Israeli cousins,

    I want to take this opportunity to apologize for the 51% of my countrymen who were apparently asleep for the last 4 years. I had hoped that Bibi and Israel would just hold out until Romney could get in there and turn things around…

    but it seems as if things will not be turning around. and with no Jewish voters to woo, and no need of Jewish money, Obama has no reason to keep pretending he cares about Israel.

    at least Israel is lucky that they’re led by a true leader. I hope you guys appreciate Bibi Netanyahu, and thank G-d you’ve got him at the helm right now.

    • Norman B.

      Since I voted for Romney, I have nothing to apologize for. Reality will bite Obama just as it has bitten every president in his second term from Jefferson to Bush the Younger. If Obama thinks he can do as he pleases, he is in for a sad surprise.

  • Vlad Tepes

    Hard to decide.

    On one side, I loathe the muslim terrorists.

    On another, I despise the marxist (former muslim) “president” of USA, the arsehole receiver and commie apologist Jim of Iowa (for some reason (bad experience?) he dislikes muslim terrorists too, I hope his man club WILL find out), or Soros and the likes.

    Hopefully they will confront directly in near future.

    • Jim from Iowa

      You do sound confused, Vlad. And a tad bigoted. Your hatred of gay people is your problem, not mine. How is my sexual orientation relevant to this discussion, again?

  • Vlad Tepes

    Is not hatred, is disgust.

    If 50% of gays would be of one political wing, and 50% of another, it would be ok.

    But you always vote where your favorite hole is. And you always make sure that your sexual deviance is present EVERY DAY EVERY HOUR in the other people lives. I do not care if you stick a bed leg into your arse, just stop making it public.

    This being said, fuck off.

    • Jim from Iowa

      Not a fan of “Modern Family” I take it.

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