Ding Dong, The Ahmed Is Dead

Top Hamashole commander, Ahmed Jaabari, January 2006:

Top Hamashole commander, Ahmed Jaabari, November 2012:

Well done IAF.

Say “Bullseye!”

Update: Here’s where else you may have seen Jabari before.

Update: Car swarm!

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» Hamas military chief killed - Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion
14 November 2012 at 5:11pm
[...] IsraelyCool posts this video of the deceased: ...

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  • Jim from Iowa

    I shot an arrow into the air
    It fell to earth I know not where…
    Oh, wait a minute. Yes I do. That arrow plunged straight into that Hamas terrorist’s skeevy little
    heart. Ahmed Jaabari, today the somewhat less terrifying terrorist.

  • Joshua


  • brett

    Bye bye dickhead… And take your son with you!

    Mazel Tov!

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  • Norman B.

    May this be merely the first of many Hamasholes who assume room temperature.

  • Travis

    Israel deliberates too long. These air strikes and killings should have been implemented sooner. Start firing artillery salvos into Gaza too.

    • jpl

      Just firing into Gaza is not much better than they are. But targeted strikes have a big impact.

      • ziontruth

        “Just firing into Gaza is not much better than they are.”

        Enough of this, please. This is like saying we should fight with swords on horseback even though the other side has guns and tanks, so as not to stoop to their level. This is a war, dang it, and the price of losing is blood, not just a bunch of unpleasant words.

        As for morality, let me repeat what the final authority on morality, Jewish Law, says on warfare conducted in inhabited areas: If the enemy takes care to put the women and children in safety, then we would be murderers if we targeted the women and children; but if the enemy puts the women and children in the line of fire, then every one of them hit accidentally when we try to hit the combatants has been effectively murdered by the combatants.

        The Hamas combatants deliberately operate among the women and children, in order that we either hold our fire or they gain a set of bloody propaganda pictures to publish to the world—a demonic moral calculus. If we play by their rules, we’ll lose. We must fire indiscriminately until Hamas get the message, hope no women and children get hurt, and impose a total media blackout so as to ward off Hamas’ diabolical propagandizing.

  • Abu Zibby

    Rest in Pieces.

  • tom

    מזל טוב, כן ירבו

  • Abu Zibby

    Graphic footage. V.D.A.

  • ziontruth

    Very good, though I have to say this is a bit too slow a method for fending off the Hamasniks on our borders (because there are about 1.7 million of them). But what does an extremist like me know? And don’t forget that mass expulsion is impractical and won’t fly in this day and age, which is why King Hussein of Transjordan didn’t try it out in 1970. /sarc

    • Jim from Iowa

      How are you at ventriliquism? Maybe you could start your own Achmed the Terrorist act to rally the troops over there in Israel. Strategically, it beats what you’ve trotted out so far.

  • Richard S.

    Anyone who wants to understand the Gaza situation needs only to read Richard Silverstein’s blog post today.

    Israel’s action was “not an act of defense” he informs anyone who will read his words, but rather occurred because Jews “need to drink the blood of dead Palestinians.”

    Thanks for clearing that up for me, Dick.

    Silly me, I thought that the hundreds of rockets fired from Gaza at Israeli towns and cities disrupting the lives of a million civilians and driving them into protected shelters had something to do with it.

    • ziontruth

      “…because Jews ‘need to drink the blood of dead Palestinians.’ ”

      Is he looking to fill the void left by Israel Shahak or something? It sure sounds like it.

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