When Ahmed Became A Dead Terrorist

Here’s aerial footage of Hamashole commander Ahmed Jaabari being turned into fertilizer.

There’s unfortunately no sound, so we can’t hear his last words, which were reportedly “Oh Shiiiiiiiiiiit!”

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  • Jim from Iowa

    The best 12 seconds I’ve spent all day.

  • tom

    what a blast! L-i-t-e-r-a-l-l-y!

  • Smash the ISM

    Send a condolence note to the Corrie parents for their tragic loss of the Hamas arch terrorist Ahmed Jabari. And while you are at it, send a note also to Kapo Dickie Silverstein.

  • juvanya

    Notice how they wait until the car clears the other vehicles.

  • Ze’ev

    Call me a hothead, but I rather see a similar image where all of Gaza is reduced to dust.

  • http://www.twitter.com/rafrafuk rafrafuk

    That’s a military strike!
    Anything else is pure Terrorism…

  • Emil Erlenmeyer

    A pity for the car, it was a KIA.

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