Hamas Appoints 12-Year-Old In Charge Of Its Social Media Effort

Well, at least it seems like it.

Update: By the way, there are suggestion this was not an IDF drone.

Granted, Ali Abuminah of the Electronic Intifada has offered what he thinks is photographic proof the drone is a Skylite B from Rafael Industries.


Even if it is, it seems the IDF does not use Rafael’s drones, although the Skylite B was evaluated and rejected in the past.

Update: This other example has now come to my attention (hat tip: NotAntiSemitic on Twitter):

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  • Jim from Iowa

    How hard could it be to locate Haniya? Just follow the trail of baboon scat (unmistakeable stench also helpful).

    • Judge Dan

      Jim, everyone knows were Hanniyeh is. Under Al-Shifa hospital in Gaza. Fortunately for him, Israel will not destroy a hospital.

      • Jim from Iowa

        Thanks for the info, Dan. I just hope nobody blames this on Obamacare, too.

      • Norman B.

        Send a commando squad into the hospital, find the portal to the rat’s nest, pump gas down the stairwell and seal it. Mission accomplished with no harm to the hospital.

  • Vlad Tepes

    Muslims are unfortunately intelligent enough not to implement obamacare. Government funded abortions and contraception is a no-no in the muslim world, as the production of future human bombs or invasion forces is highly encouraged. I guess a Fluke type in Gaza would be impaled.

    IDF: find a secondary exit to that rat hole and send some nasty surprise into it… oh.. and you missed a target rich environment at the other rat funeral too. Media and the left will hate you anyway, doing it or not, if public relations is the main impediment.

    • Jim from Iowa

      Re: Sandra Fluke possibly being impaled in Gaza. Does bringing this up possibly make you Vlad the Impaler? You seem somewhat less hostile today…deep breathing exercises which clears the mind a possible explanation…makes you Vlad the Inhaler instead, perhaps.

      • Vlad Tepes

        No, “inhaling” is not my thing…

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  • toyotabedzrock

    You are both acting like 12 years olds. And you just got screwed over by a trigger happy leader who seems intent on legitimizing Hamas.

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