That Moment Your Wedding Is Interrupted By Rockets

Many dream of a White wedding. No-one dreams of a Code Red one.

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  • anneinpt

    The guests seem supremely uninterested in the air-raid siren or the rocket and Iron Dome fire. It’s incomprehensible to me. Why did no one run for cover? Or was the music so deafeningly loud (as it tends to be at Israeli weddings) that no one actually heard the siren?

    • cba

      I agree with you.

      Or maybe they were just enjoying the fireworks…

    • Judobaroness

      Because the guests were not running hysterically to the shelter but walking calmly does not infer lack of interest. Did you not hear the child’s cries? He won’t forget the trauma quickly. Show some compassion.

      • anneinpt

        I didn’t hear any child’s cries. I heard a child (or teen?) exclaim excitedly “hineh!” which means “Here!” or “Look!”, and then “Yay!” or something like that. No trauma, no shock.

        As for compassion, I’ve got plenty. Been living through some rather loud explosions and sirens right here myself. How about you?

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