12 Year Old Hamas Tweeter Is Funny


And I mean it!

Kisofim is Kissufim, but “Third Eye” was strange. A bit of backwards thinking lead me to conclude that they mean Kibbutz Ein HaShlosha.

The mighty Hamas are using Google Translate for their propaganda effort, but get it horribly wrong. The literal meaning of “Ein Hashlosha”, ??? ?????? in Hebrew, is “Spring of the three”, named after 3 founding members who were killed in Israel’s war of independence. The word “Ein” is a common Hebrew and Arabic preposition for localities in Israel, like Ein-Gedi, Ein-Shemer, and Ein-Kerem, and derives from the Hebrew word for water spring, Ma’ayan.

However, the Hebrew word Ein – ???, can also be pronounces Ain, which is the word for Eye, and Google Translate fails miserably when dealing with such nuances.

So not only has Hamas mistranslated the name, they also called it a “military base”. Here’s a photo of said military base, full of IDF soldiers:

That said, Hamas do say all of Israel is occupied, every locality in Israel a settlement, and that every Israeli a settler or soldier.

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