Note From A Palestinian

I just read this on Reddit:

So another war has started, don’t care who is to blame or who started it. What I do know that having rockets thrown at you is scary as hell. I’m liking the direction this war/conflict is taking. There hasn’t been many Palestinian causalities so far, and I’m loving the Iron dome (hopefully you will one day develop the technology that can stop every rocket). Hopefully it stays this way and doesn’t get any bloodier. Also, I hope the IDF won’t do half a job and perhaps take over Gaza again, I think Israel did a mistake giving it back…

Anyways, why do I as a Palestinian share this opinion? Well, I’m sick of all this. I truly am. Sure Palestinians voted for Hamas, but had they known the suffering Gazans had to endure, they probably wouldn’t have voted for hamas. Besides, it’s not like Hamas benefited Palestinians in any way in the past years. Israel initiated the blockade on Gaza, Hamas made tunnels that’s now controlled by them (like a mafia). See what I hate about this situation is the status quo, if Israel leaves Hamas alone, Gaza would remain under blockade for many years to come, and Hamas would still control tunnels using taxes earned to get rich or send of a couple of rockets every month to Israel as a sign of ‘resistance’. Perhaps getting rid of Hamas and taking control of Gaza might get us closer to peace.

I know the majority of Israelis want peace, but sadly you’re government is controlled by extremists as well, when they continue to expand settlements. I just hope I’ll be able to see peace between us before I die (I’m 22 now, so hopefully there’s time).

If you have any questions for me, don’t hestitate to ask.

Proof I’m Palestinian

The comments to the post are also very interesting, with the palestinian writing:

Grandfather from Nablus, grandmother from Jaffa or Akka. But they lived in Haifa most of their lives until 1948.

I don’t know about you, but if somebody’s born in a country (Lebanon) and lived in it for 22 years can he/she still count as a refugee? Hell, even my father was born in Lebanon. The refugee status was given to me because of politics. Even Israel naturalized Palestinian refugees, Arabs on the other hand not only didn’t naturalize Palestinians, they put rules that specifically discriminate against us. You do realize that a Palestinian is better treated in Israel than in most Arab states?

Who can rescue Palestine? Hamas? Fatah? Arabs? All these have fucked us more than anyone. The solution has to come from the inside. If Israel can eliminate Hamas, than so be it.

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  • Sharon Klaff

    Read Mudar Zahran for courage

  • Andrew Brehm

    That note made my day. It was the best thing I read all week.

    G-d bless Israel and all those who want peace in Palestine.

  • Jim from Iowa

    Sadly, I have to wonder how representative this individual’s views are in Gaza when so many who matter there consider Hamas as too moderate in dealing with Israel. The Palestinian leadership does not seem to respond well to reasonable arguments. And the rockets into Israel have got to stop. Now. So whatever happens, happens. Not a big fan of Netanyahu, but he and his government are doing the right thing right now. Keep the faith.

    • juvanya

      After the last war, they started criticizing Hamas for bringing ruin to them, not unlike our ancestors criticizing Mosheh for bringing them to the desert. After this war, if it really exacts a toll, Hamas will have trouble gripping power.

      The thing is, people already accuse us of going all out, we may as well go for it.

      • rulierose

        I agree, juvanya. Israel is already taking some heat, with people asking for “restraint.” (I guess the restraint it’s already shown in allowing rocket fire for years wasn’t enough.)

        but Israel needs to protect itself, and Hamas has gone too far this time. take’em out, Bibi.

  • ziontruth

    “…but sadly you’re government is controlled by extremists as well, when they continue to expand settlements.”

    Had there ever been a reliable assurance that an Arab state within Judea, Samaria and Gaza would coexist peacefully alongside a Jewish State within the pre-1967 borders, with no further demands made—no talk about the “refugees” of 1947 returning, no demand that the Jewish State become a multicultural “state of all its citizens” (any Arab in the pre-1967 territories not happy with it being a Jewish state would simply move to the newly created Arab state)—then even an ardent right-wing Zionist Jew like me would have agreed to such trading of land for peace.

    As it happens, however, the writer is far, far from being representative of majority Arab and Muslim opinion. That majority opinion is eliminationist and refuses to leave the Jews a peaceful national existence even in the meager pre-1967 territories. We would thus be making another land-for-nothing deal, resulting with the movement of Arab hostility to the Negev and Galilee at best, and with a barrage of Kassam rockets on Tel-Aviv at worst. Consequently, a growing majority of Israeli Jews from the middle of the 2000s decade onward have decided that we’re better off keeping what we took in 1967.

  • Fliss

    The settlements are not the problem. The Arabs have been attacking the Jewish people in the Middle East long before 1948.

    • juvanya


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