Three Days Three Alarms

I don’t have the energy for a long post but again today we had one alarm in Tel Aviv. Dave’s posted a video of the interception shot from the beach. I’m told that the interception of one of the missiles was shown live on TV. I didn’t see it because when the alarm sounded my wife and I take our kids to the safe room we have in our own apartment. We’re very fortunate. This room has a steel shutter over the window, a steel door and it’s in the centre of our building with strong walls on all sides.

We wait there for around 90 seconds, the alarm stops and 10 seconds later we heard the boom. On Friday we also heard the boom (the missile hit empty land not far from us).

My eldest child is old enough to be asking a lot of questions and he’s disturbed by this. He doesn’t understand why it started now and he doesn’t like the answer that we really don’t know when it will end.

I have some mixed feelings about Iron Dome. While it is amazing, it’s not perfect and its just symptomatic relief. We need to cure the disease and stop the rockets. Hopefully the shock of having Tel Aviv fired at (and hit) three times and Jerusalem once will wake more people up here. There is only one answer to this and that is to secure a victory. And not a ceasefire: victory that would be recognised by the man who said this:

“Victory at all costs, victory in spite of all terror, victory however long and hard the road may be; for without victory, there is no survival.”

Here’s the video from the Israeli TV News.

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  • ziontruth

    Even victory isn’t enough. We can achieve victory in this Operation Pillar of Cloud, but it wouldn’t break the cycle of rearmament, then rocket attacks, then our retaliation, then our victory and temporary respite. The best option isn’t satisfactory because it’s only the best option after the really best option has been taken off the table: Forcible relocation of the entire enemy population away from the Land of Israel.

    Anyone who writes off the option of mass expulsion cannot justifiably call himself a rational or practical person.

    • juvanya

      An Yahoo article I read seemed fairly balanced and the targets listed seem pretty good. Haniyehs HQ is levelled. The tunnels are being heavily targeted and have fully shut down. Apparently, huge amounts of weapons stocks have been destroyed. And it appears the Hamas body count is 2-1, 1 being civilians. World condemnation has been not really existent. The EU backs us, the UN is split. Even the so-called Muslim Brotherhood president of Egypt is playing well, scolding Israel more than Mubarak, but also realizing that there does need to be a permanent solution.

      • mzk1

        You know those missles are very expensive. They could just bankrupt us if we don’t do anything.

        • Jim from Iowa

          You’ll always be good for a pay day loan from us. Oh, hell, we’ll give you the money.

          • ziontruth

            Thanks, but you can’t. I mean, really can’t, as in “unable to.” Your country is deep in debt. That’s what I keep telling people: Leaving aside the problem of aid being used as extortion under the wrong hands (a Sec of State Jim Baker or such), it’s simply not right even in the best of times, much less when the U.S.A. owes so much to China.

            For economic reasons alone, we Israelis will someday, quite soon I think, need to find another way than Iron Domes.

        • juvanya

          Yea thats what I dont like about Iron Dome, but they either dont realize that, dont have enough rockets, or enough were destroyed. They have two opposing pressures. If they dont use their rockets, they will get destroyed. But if they use them, they wont be able to distract enough iron domes to rack up the bill.

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