Fighting The External Cancer


My wife Erika relates the current situation to her personal battle.

Today was possibly my most vulnerable and emotional day and it had absolutely nothing to do with cancer or chemo. Today I said an open ended goodbye to my youngest brother, only 19 and a soldier in the IDF, moments before he turned in his cellphone and headed off to protect our beloved Israel. Why am I crying? Where is the anguish coming from? Surely I’ve shown my faith in G-d and my belief that everything is for the good. Yes. I have full faith in G-d above. Losing complete contact with my purely good and precious young brother, knowing that our enemy on the other side only wants to kill and destroy makes my heart ache with an agony that is indescribable. Relating to my current situation, I see our enemy as a cancer. A cancer that only knows to feed off of its host, starving it, and slowly sucking the life out of it until death.

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