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Last night the IDF took out communications antennae on the top floor of a building used by Hamas. Only problem? The rest of the world’s media were on the other floors.

And today we find out that the IDF now have control of Hamas’ airwaves and are using them to broadcast warnings! Sounds like these two events are connected!

It’s astonishing that the IDF can do this with very little collateral damage.

Our intrepid New York Times reporter, Jodi Rudoren was obviously part of the team of crack progpaganda diseeminators that Hamas rushed to show for she writes on Facebook:

So, I missed my beloved spinning class this a.m., but caught a little exercise climbing 11 flights to the roof of a building in downtown Gaza City where seven journalists were injured in an early morning attack. It was one of two strikes on media centers that have caused alarm, with the Foreign Press Assn in Jerusalem issuing a strong statement — Western media including Fox News, Sky News, CBS and Germany’s ARD had offices in the buildings. The IDF has promised but not delivered an explanation. In related news, some colleagues did manage to get through the checkpoint and back to Israel, despite rumors that Hamas would not allow them, and we are checking out a report that Israel has taken over Hamas radio.

I’m thinking the lifts in that building are probably not so good today right?

Meanwhile here is Avital Liebervich giving a mild warning to jounalists to stay out of the way of Hamas. All of Hamas.

And here is confirmation that the IDF did exactly what they said. They just took out some antennae on the roof without significantly damaging the structure of the building. Astonishing.

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  • E Pluribus Beagle

    CNN’s own reporter this morning stated plainly that the IAF CALLED the people in that building and told them to get out as it was going to be hit. After 4 hrs when no strike came those people took it upon themselves to go back into the building after which it was eventually hit resulting in some of those injuries.

    For Rudoren to say ‘without warming’ is a FLAT OUT LIE. It is propaganda in the aid of an enemy in a time of war.

    I call upon Israel to expel Judi Rudoren from Israel forever.

  • Norman B.

    As far as I am concerned, all these reporters are enemy combatants and should be targeted.

    • juvanya

      They are aiding Israel by providing coverage that was only covered by Gazans last time. They are able to show there is no humanitarian crisis and there is adequate supplies, etc etc. They are most definitely not enemy combatants.

  • brett

    The Ummah is humiliated once again. The Ummah is impotent and weak. The Ummah is pathetic.

  • mzk1

    I heard Fox radio news mention that their sister network Sky News was hit (which cheered me) but they didn’t mention they were there also? Maybe they use Sky, as Fox in Gaza would be an enemy combatant – to Hamas, that is.

    They didn’t seem too worked up about it, so I assumed they were all warned in time.

  • rulierose

    the real tragedy in all this is that Jodi missed her beloved spinning class.

    seems like the IDF gave plenty of warnings that it was going to be dangerous to hang around with Hamas. people should probably pay attention to that.

    • jpl

      Spinning class in Gaza? How could that be, among the ruins and the concentration camp we keep being told Israel created there. Hmmm.

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