Anti-Israel Demonstration Shenanigans

Just some frenzied hate, support for terrorism, antisemitism and violence.

These people really want a solution that involves living side by side with the f****** Jews, don’t ya know?

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12 May 2013 at 3:05pm
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  • mzk1

    What really bugs me is seeing a pciture (elsewhere) of the two lines of demonstators (both sides) lined up, and then reading the caption that it was outside the Hebrew University.

    • ziontruth

      Things will improve—radically—as soon as we have a leadership bugged by this situation more than the prospect of being called or treated as “racists” bugs them.

      We set up our state after 2000 years to be free of these things (so our national anthem says, anyway: lihyot am hofshi, where I interpret hofshi, “free,” to mean “free from subjugation to other nations”). Accommodating the treasonous Arab minority among us instead of giving them a one-way ticket to any of the 20 Arab states of their choosing is tantamount to losing the plot.

      • mzk1

        I don’t like the changes they made to Inber’s song, changing the chorus and removing the other stanzas, which are actually quite religious.

        Here is the original chourus:

        The Hope is still not lost
        The ancient hope
        To return to the land of our forefathers
        To the city where David encamped.

        (Judea is the land of our forefathers, last I heard.)

        If there were hundereds of rockets landing – heaven forbid – where he “beautiful people” live, in Northern Tel Aviv and Hertzlia, maybe something would happen.

        But you won’t get my support for getting rid of my neighbors who are Israeli citizens. Allowing their parties to commit treason is another matter.

        • mzk1

          P.S. Likely a lot of the people demonstrating did not accept Israeli citizenship. Don’t see any reason for keeping them around.

  • E Pluribus Beagle

    This is what banks and banks of airhorns are for. Bring 500 of them to a rally and blast them at the pro terrorist anarchist hippies at point blank range.

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