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BBC Reporter Tweets Fauxtography

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We are used to the anti-Israel crowd passing off Syrian kids as palestinian. Now a BBC reporter gets in on the act.

The link takes you to this photo:

..which is a photo from June taken in Lebanon.

Donnison has since apologized, but accuracy is still not on his agenda.

Here’s the photo caption:

Shams al-Mohamad, a 6-year-old Syrian girl, lies on a stretcher as she looks at her sister Marwa at a hospital in Tripoli, northern Lebanon, June 14, 2012. According to their mother, Shams and Marwa were wounded two days ago when a shell hit their house during fighting between Syrian troops and anti-government forces in the Syrian town of Qusair. REUTERS/Omar Ibrahim (LEBANON – Tags: POLITICS CIVIL UNREST SOCIETY)

But correction or not, I fear the damage has been done.


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