Did RT Really Ask If IDF Are Using Human Shields

Avital Leibovich is doing a lot of media interviews and she’s doing a very good job. But when this Russia Today host asks her if the IDF are using journalists as Human Shields perhaps because the question is so ridiculous, she misses it.

Watch the whole thing, make sure you catch her mega-zinger ending!

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Aggressive Journalist Marks Regev | Israellycool
20 November 2012 at 6:11pm
[...] think he went to journalism school with this guy. ...

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  • Myackie

    that guy really tried to twist her words…what an asshole

  • LeeGB

    I can understand what he was trying to do, but in the end it’s all a ploy to delegitimize and demonize the state of Israel. Avital really kept her cool even with all that venom dripping down that snake-of-a-man’s tongue!!

    • ziontruth

      “Avital really kept her cool even with all that venom dripping down that snake-of-a-man’s tongue!!”

      She shouldn’t have. That’s Israel’s problem in a nutshell: We’re far too gentlemanly. She should have threatened his news channel with a revocation of the Jewish State’s permission of it to act within Israel’s jurisdiction and battlefield environs.

      Whether you call it “turning the other cheek” or ahimsa or whatever else, Israel is acting in an un-Jewish way. The Jewish way is not to seek out wars but when they do break out we are to wage them with no holds barred, and with no more mercy toward enemy civilians than the enemies show them (that is, if the civilians on the other side aren’t put in shelters then Jewish Law says we’re not at fault for killing them).

  • christina

    I saw this and had to re -watch…I literally was like “what the what?!” This whole interview is an insult to journalsim. I mean really – this guy in unbelievable. The images they play over the interview is enough to make me shout at the computer…congrats on being the LEAST unbiased interview I’ve seen to date…well done…Eesh.

  • OJ

    Ironically, I loved that interview. He was hard and mean, as every reporter should be, and she responded VERY WELL

  • unpluggged

    All the media here in Russia is like that. Putin’s regime must fall.

  • mzk1

    I do need to clarify something. I thought they had warned the jounalists specifically. She said there was a general warning. Could someone clarify?

  • mzk1

    They couldn’t send Gaza back to the middle Ages. That would be a step forward.

  • mzk1

    “We aren’t a police state like Russia. The Interior ministry does not run the country.”

    • Jim from Iowa

      Yea, but Eli Yishai likes to run his mouth. He needs a big dose of STFU from his fellow Israelis.

      • ziontruth

        I don’t agree with everything Yishai says, but I’m saving my STFU supplies for Dov Hanin and the other Hadashniks, who can’t show even the basic decency of justifying their state when it’s under attack.

      • mzk1

        And Sharon’s son in the Jerusalem Post? I already got asked about this.

        People talk like this in wartime, but I suppose government officials should be more careful. But he does have his public, the Jews who escaped from Arab countries, to talk too.

        • Jim from Iowa

          Exactly. Government officials have a special duty to say and do things responsibly. On the other hand, commenters here and on Twitter can just go nuts (and some have).

          • ziontruth

            From my point of view it’s the restrained among us who are the irresponsible ones. Timidity in the face of the savagery we’re confronted with isn’t “being responsible.”

            • Jim from Iowa

              Sometimes you feel like a nut. Sometimes you don’t.

  • walt kovacs

    rt is the 21st century pravda

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