It’s Just Not Cricket Soccer

Last night, the IAF bombed the Gaza Strip’s soccer stadium. Not because we don’t like soccer – heck, Israelis are soccer mad – but because it was being used to store and launch rockets (instead of long shots at goal).

Unless what the IDF thinks were rockets were in fact giant bottles of Pepsi.

No word yet on whether this soccer player was there at the time.

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  • mzk1

    Thank you for calling the sport by it’s proper name. :-)

    (IIRC, it’s a Britishism, short for “association football”.)

    • mzk1


      • mzk1

        (Monty Python theme here.)

  • Jim from Iowa

    Either reason for this IAF action is acceptable to me.

  • tom

    Unfortunately that player (I could guess very well who that was after coming here for a while) was busy drinking Pepsi behind injured women and children in the hospital basement…hopefully he’s wetting his pants…

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