Must Watch: Hamas Supporters In Toronto

More peaceful sentiments from the anti-Israel crowd, this time in Toronto.

Besides the aggression at the end, there are some real pearls here (“1946″ “These rockets don’t actually have firepower”, the girl who does not want to answer the question whether the Jewish people should have a homeland in the Middle East).

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  • juvanya

    The situation in Syria is far different than Western media claims. Its like pallywood, but for the rebels and against Assad. If those are the two choices, anyone with morals would choose Assad. The rebels want to genocide the Christians, Alawi, and other minorities. Assad has no choice but to defend those and them him.

    • mzk1

      “If those are the two choices, anyone with morals would choose Assad.”

      This is a hard statement to agree with. Not as opposed to the rebels, just because of the idea of siding with any Ba’ath government.

  • tom

    Look, I could post this to every blog post:
    Goyim don’t like the fact that the Jews have (military) power.

    “Democratic Palestinian state???” wow. Democratic is a strong and good word to say to the media. I’m sure Jim would like to live there and also Christians and other minorities…

    • Jim from Iowa

      C’mon, Tom. You’ve been coming to IsraellyCool long enough to know that I think these tools are as big of a-holes as you do. Not all of us Lefties have the same views on Israel. Do I single you out as a clueless Islamophobe? Well, in your case, yes, but that happens to be true. Don’t paint with such a broad brush containing coarse bristles of unknown origin. Geez.

      • tom

        No, don’t get me wrong Jim…
        I just meant people like you (who are minorities) wouldn’t be able to live in a “democratic” Palestine.
        It was not directed at you personally, rather as a member of a minority…

        • Jim from Iowa

          Oh, ok. Never mind. I thought you were clubbing me over the head for being a hopeless Lefty. Are you ready yet to march in your community’s gay pride march next June? We let straights in.

          • tom

            Jim, I really enjoy discussing with you and even though I’m (what the general public would call) an extremist, orthodox, right-wing Jew, I would still prefer there would be no such parades. I’m glad to accept and respect people how they are, the way they are, even if G’d prohibits to live this way.
            I’m very open minded, since I didn’t grow up (like Dave) in a religious home/family.
            It doesn’t matter what I think, but what G’d gave us through his Torah. But that’s for another discussion ;-)

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  • Inessa

    My favourite was “Israel is blocking staple foods …. like chocolates”. Sums it up.

    • tom

      I think the term of “useful idiots” could never be more fitting than for these guys.
      I mean, they clearly don’t know how long this conflict has been going on for and what Israel is and is not doing (read “letting into Gaza”) – I must say this reporter is very brave, especially her questions, like this one: “Have you been protesting the war in Syria?”…this one sums it up pretty much on who these people really are…and then they say Anti-Israel is not Anti-Jewish…*not funny*

    • cba

      That was my second-favourite. My favourite was anything by the guy with the giant earphones draped round his neck, the one who said he didn’t like any religions–he seemed totally doped.

  • E Pluribus Beagle

    I’m always tempted to show up at midnight torch light rallies like this one in an SS Nazi uniform cheering on their side along with them, just to see if anyone would object.

    Because in truth they’re not stupid. You can’t even say they’re uninformed or have no ability to BE informed. They simply hate Jews like Hamas does and want to exterminate us. They’re too cowardly to admit it and that’s fine, which is why I’d like to show up dressed like that and give them a little help with that.

  • Naftali

    I love this!!! Those Jihadists can barely speak in complete sentences. I love the end where the host says “As a woman not wearing a burqa”

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