Brian Says: How To Answer The Disproportionate Nonsense

As regular as clockwork, seemingly intelligent people come up with the following retarded crap:

Here is the simple correct answer for these muppets:

Would you like me to kill my children this morning? Would that even things up for you?

Here is my tweet if you want to re-tweet it:

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  • Aussie Dave

  • Norman B.

    Better yet, ask him if he were assaulted by a solitary hoodlum, should the police send only one officer?

  • Yael

    hilarious. i don’t know how twitter works but please post his response if you get one!

  • walt kovacs

    he wont respond

    he plays to his base…leftist morons

  • JF

    How about “Larger number of Palestinians dead? Israelis protect civilians, Palestinians put them in danger.”

    • jpl

      Yes, great point. No bomb shelters for Gazans, instead their homes are used as weapons storage and launching pads.

  • Jim from Iowa

    I might be a little on edge if rockets were flying over my head every day and night, but I don’t believe Mr. Kristof, a highly-respected journalist from the NY Times, is hoping that more Israelis need to be killed to even the score.

    • BigHabsFan

      Highly respected & NY Times do not belong in the same sentance or was that an attempt at either humour or sarcasm (missing the “…” tag?) NY Times is a joke.

      • Jim from Iowa

        Call me crazy, but I prefer NY Times, Huffington Post and IsraellyCool to Breitbart, Drudge or The Glenn Beck Program. My only real complaint is that I wish Dave would bring back his old avatar.

        • ziontruth

          “Call me crazy, but I prefer NY Times, Huffington Post and IsraellyCool to Breitbart, Drudge or The Glenn Beck Program.”

          I won’t call you crazy, just partisan to a fault (about NY Times and Huffinglue vs Breitbart, Drudge and Glenn Beck).

          Maimonides talked about the need to accept the truth wherever it comes from. Although I’m far from being a consistent keeper of his advice, you seem to run over it like a steamroller.

          • Jim from Iowa

            That does bring back memories. “I’m a steamroller, baby, ’bout to run all over you.” – Sweet Baby James Taylor. We’ll never agree on what constitutes a reliable source of information, but thanks for launching me on my brief trip down a memory lane of my youth.

  • juvanya

    Its a completely absurd and meaningless argument, meant to appeal to emotion, like all their feeble arguments. I always respond with a scenario like this:
    If you are cornered in an alley by 10 muggers and cant escape, I would imagine the death toll would be 10-0.

    • Jim from Iowa

      Only if you’re on bath salts or have the fighting skills of Jackie Chan (or both).

      • mzk1

        Or you are a typical Israeli 19-year-old girl, holding the submachine gun the army assigned her.

  • E Pluribus Beagle

    No the correct answer is

    I don’t debate reality with psychopaths and Nazis who don’t accept reality and will never be swayed. Any analogy or explanation I could draw for you is meaningless because what you want is the extermination of Jews.

    • ziontruth

      Hear, hear! Shut them out, they have no right to speak, no right to preach at us from the comfort of their armchairs so far away from our situation!

      • mzk1

        As the Hagadah implies, we do not answer the wicked son because it will help. We are concerned with his younger brother, sitting quietly in the corner and reading the blog comments.

  • spindok


    Ignore them. It is hard enough to shoot straight without all of this distraction.

  • Jim from Iowa

    Are Israelis more likely than, say Norwegians, to say something like “good morning” or “f*ck you” in a Tweet? Now may not be the best time to ask such a question, but a firm by the name of Silicon Graphics Int’l is doing that very thing. In a project they call the Global Twitter Heartbeat, they are monitoring the level or anger or mellowness among Twitter users throughout the world. And as of last Thursday, Israel appears a red hot blob of seething anger. They have a website, so you can see for yourself. My limited computer skills prevent me from linking it for you all. Sorry.

    • mzk1

      That’s not related to the old computer maker that used to do movies? I used to program on their stuff.

  • Joseph Hertzlinger

    Kristof obviously thinks this calls for King Otto’s suicide squad.

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