Paging PETA: BBC Laughing At Traumatised Israeli Pets

Don’t take this the wrong, I’ve been writing and recording satire about sensetive and delicate subjects for years. But then again that’s who I am. I’m Brian of London, my very name is an homage to the comic messaish himself, John Clease and the rest of Python.

So I’m not a representative of what was once the world’s most repsected news organisation. I don’t carry the initials “BBC” in my bio. And it doesn’t matter how many times your write that your twitter account is personal: if you identify yourself as from the BBC in your bio, then travel to Gaza during a war on the BBC’s dime, we can assume what you say is going to rub off on the BBC.

Here are the bios of these two:

Just yesterday Jon Donnison was forced to apologise for sending out a “heartbreaking” Pallywood fauxtography picture that turned out to be from weeks ago in Syria.

This morning Sharon Udasin wrote a touching human (animal?) interest piece in the Jerusalem Post about the effect constant sirens are having on pets in Israel. She did the job of a reporter, found people to talk to, got quotes and told touching stories.

This obviously triggered the funny bones of both Jon Donnison and his colleague Wyre Davies who tweeted with mirth:

Jon, in particular, realised he had struck a deep comedic seem and decided to keep digging.

Oh how we laughed and laughed! And then, as if to provide the applause to his one man stand up routine, he hit gold! Yes, a real life heckle from the Sharon, author of the original piece.

Stick to re-writing Hamas press releases guys and tweeting out their plucked from the air “news” OK? We actually care about life, all life, on this side of the Gaza fence.

I wonder how the tax payers back in the UK, who finance your five star hotel accommodations in Gaza (yes, really, there are plenty of nice hotels in Gaza) feel about your snide remarks toward pet owners and a journalist doing a proper job.

About Brian of London

Brian of London is not the messiah, he's a very naughty boy. Since making aliyah in 2009, Brian has blogged at Israellycool. Brian's interests include electric cars, world peace and an end to world hunger. Besides blogging here, Brian of London now writes at the Times of Israel. Brian of London also hosted Shire Network News

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Facebook Comments

  • E Pluribus Beagle

    The BBC is angry that any sheep and goats in Gaza could be too traumatized for their impending wedding night to Hamas heroes.

    • Voice of reason

      More than 20 Children died in Gaza. Several were less than one year old.

      That you would care more about the well-being of a cat than about dead toddlers tells a lot about you.

  • Norman B.

    Donnison would walk a mile for a camel.

  • Annie

    And what do BBC reporters do? Re-tweet pictures of Syria as Palestine, caption a picture of Tel Aviv beach as Gaza City and show a wounded Israeli girl as a palestinian girl. And that’s just the start. Jon Donnison is a joke.

    • Voice of reason

      More than 20 children were killed in Israeli airstrikes in Gaza. Show some respect.

      • John

        Hamas is your address, why not ask them why they have to fire rockets at Israeli children?

  • ziontruth

    I’ve noticed the press everywhere has become quite open about its Marxist, pro-Islamic partisanship as of late.

    That’s a good thing, actually, because it’s just the casus belli the Jewish State needs to act against them, to coerce them to cease their anti-Israel activities as a start. The only thing missing is a true Jewish leadership willing to do this duty. It’ll be reasonable to begin expecting it of them once they finally get around to switching off Israeli electricity to Gaza.

  • mzk1

    What gets them is that they really can’t claim any special protection over the rest of the plebes, I mean civilians. That they have no more rights than the rest of us, even if they do (c.f. Anat Kam) get away with a lot more and (wrongly) get treated with kid gloves.

    They are not “press”. A press is a machine for printing. “Freedom of the press” simply means that you can print what you like. It applies equally to the New York Times, Dave, and my silly little blog comments. (Althoguh the New York Times is a corporation, and corporations aren’t people, right?)

    • Norman B.

      “A corporation is an artificial person, invisible, intangible and existing only in contemplation of the law.” – U.S. Chief Justice John Marshall, 1822.

      • mzk1

        My point is those complainig about the Citizens United need to explain why newspapers should have more freedom than other outlets. (Hint – look at their politics.)

    • ziontruth

      “What gets them is that they really can’t claim any special protection over the rest of the plebes, I mean civilians. That they have no more rights than the rest of us,…”

      Their appeal, as I understand it, is not so much to their own self-appointed authority as it is to lofty ideals like Freedom, Democracy etc. But even such appeals can be countered: The freedom to fling my hand ends at the tip of your nose, and having your own cabin in a luxury cruise doesn’t mean you have the right to drill holes in it.

      Journalists that side against us forfeit their rights to activity by this very fact. If they reported the casualties on the Arab side as a matter of fact, the way they usually report ours (when they get around to it…), then fine, but they don’t just report, they habitually add an editorial slant to it. That alone is cause for revocation of their activity rights.

      • mzk1

        If you read the complaint on the first bombing, they start to claim special privelege, but at the end only can claim to be the same as any civilian. Read and parse. :-)

        BTW, watch out for British and Israeli reporters. Our libel laws are much more severe than American ones, so (at least British reporters) learn the fine art of innuendo (as per Michael Hay).

  • Bubbe

    My daughter’s dog, Pepper the Precious Pug, made the aliyah transition to the South last month very well but did complain a bit about the sirens. The bedroom of their apartment is the designated bomb shelter. Pets have their place in people’s lives and it is comforting and worthwhile. Yes, Pepper is Pampered. LOL

    • Jim from Iowa

      Does Pepper the Precious Pug get a special seder meal during Passover? With his/her sense of smell, hiding the matzoh is probably not as much fun, though. And applying the four questions to your dog probably becomes saying something like “Who’s a precious pug?” in a cute, high-pitched, sing-songy manner.

      • Bubbe

        You got the picture, Jim. But Ms Precious can find matzoh anywhere you hide it.

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  • Gábor Fränkl

    I sent this serious proposal to BBCWatch just a short while ago, what do you think about it? I absolutely promote this idea as utmont necessity!
    “Dear CIFWatch/BBCWatch,
    Dear Adam Letwick (I don’t know if I write your name correctly),

    To be honest I wanted to go to BBCWatch. I wanted to contact Adam.
    My proposal how to get to the delinquents at both the Guardian and the BBC. I think I found a most effective surefire way to get under their skin and make them change.
    All of us know that what vain narcisstic haughty asses they all are (reporters, journalists, etc. etc.).
    Perhaps the only way to resist their lies is to start an oopen public page and document their falsities, lies and propagandistic acts.
    for example: / and whichever reporter is on the ground in Gaza at the time reporting ( – and document her factually incorrect falisities and outright lies like that only yesterday that “All crossings into Gaza is controlled by Israel” – a blatant and brazen lie)!
    Now, I know for a fact that hence the idea that some liberal opponents in the US of well-known Conservative pundit michelle Malkin created a site called Along these lines we must replicate this and create as many sites as necessary and corner them. One can put info on these sites as they come up and document their lies and agit-prop on a timely fashion.

    They could not do a damn thing. After all they ALL are public actors and cannot shut this down I think. Not in America at least!
    Thy start a process, a trial? What for? how come??? Again, they cannot do a damn thing about documenting their bias publicly. Name and shame them!
    I, we all know for a fact that they are hypersensitive about all this, their rep, and let’s see who will draw the short end of the stick.
    Please consider my proposal! Please ge tback to me what you think about it!

    Gábor Fränkl
    Budapest, Hungary”

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