Bus Bomb Tel Aviv Now

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For me, this just about sums it up.

When news of this “achievement” reached Gaza, proclaimed as it was from the Mosques (and reported on live by various journalists in Gaza) our favorite BBC reporter, Jon Donnison tweeted:

Here are the sounds of gunfire celebrating:

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  • iva

    All day connected to aruz 2 just seen autobus bombed in central TA
    Please Elohim keep safe my people.
    Go IDF Go

  • juvanya

    You cant feel it unless youve been on a Dan or Egged bus. I see that and I couldve ridden that bus last year. I couldve been on that route. It couldve happened when I was on it. I was a bit weary and nervous sometimes on the buses, trying to find spots that were best shielded. Other times, I didnt think about it at all.

    Hope no one dies.

  • juvanya

    Sha’ul HaMelech. Im almost 100% certain Ive been on that road. I spent many hours in the park where it meets Menachem Begin Highway

  • walt kovacs

    excuse me for what i am about to write

    but carpet bomb those motherfuckers

    all their wives…dead

    all their children…dead

    the un doesnt like it…eff em…bomb them…nyc will celebrate and raise condos

    • Jim from Iowa

      Walt, please stop doing this. It puts Dave in a terrible spot. Maybe it’s therapeutic for you, but it hurts others on the pro-Israel side. Just stop.

      • ziontruth

        “It puts Dave in a terrible spot.”

        Yes, this is the main reason why I don’t post immediately after such an event. The thoughts I had in my head following the Toulouse massacre would make Genghis Khan cringe. It passed after a few hours, but I’m glad I didn’t post.

        In addition, carpet-bombing as a premeditated strategy isn’t a Jewish thing to do. The Torah says non-genocidal ethnic cleansing—expel the entire enemy population without killing them. No killing more than the reality of the battlefield necessitates; no killing as a systematic, premeditated strategy.

        • Norman B.

          In my reading of Deuteronomy’s laws of warfare:

          1. Peace is to be offered first, with fighting only when diplomacy fails.

          2. All enemy combatants are to be wiped out, with no prisoners taken.

          3. All unarmed civilians are to be spared and protected.

          4. Wanton property destruction is strictly prohibited.

          Correct me if I am inaccurate.

          • ziontruth

            Maimonides in Mishneh Torah gives out the rules for enemies that are not among the seven Canaanite nations:

            1. Lay a siege; during the siege, offer the option of peace, meaning surrender with a promise of non-violence.

            2. Allow the besieged to leave the Land of Israel. Ensure they are unharmed in their journey.

            3. After the grace period, destroy the besieged population center; anyone who did not take the opportunity to leave when offered is by definition not innocent.

            In the course of war itself, Jewish Law rules that wanton property destruction is prohibited and unarmed civilians are to be spared and protected as long as they’re separated from the combatants. This means all the civilians recently killed in Gaza were murdered by Hamas.

            • mzk1

              I answered this, but it ended up several pages later. I think you might want to reread the text.

          • mzk1

            First of all, I agree with you regarding explaining “males” as “soldiers”. But from what actually happened plus a statement in the Medrash, I believe that one is only permitted to kill POW’s (and only by the sword; one king was severely punished for using another method), not required.

            You are also supposed to allow an escape route, but I’m not clear where that applies.

            in #4, emphasis on wanton. If the enemy is hiding there, you can destroy even fruit trees.

            Exactly how far you need to go to protect civilians is not clear, and I suspect subject to dispute. Howver, clearly it is immoral to put the lives of enemy civilians over your own soldiers. I beiieve the Israeli army has since changed doctrine more towards this idea.

            And what is clear, however, is that “collaborators” are to be helped, not abandoned to their fate as “traitors to their own side”. See Joshua at Bet-el (Ramallah!). I hope the people they killed were really “innocent”, not people who really helped us.

            (Of course, the one comprensive book on the subject was attacked by the government in disgraceful fashion.)

            • walt kovacs

              these are people who rejoice at the deaths of jews

              i have paskined that they are amalek

              therefore, they must be wiped off the face of the planet

              that is very jewish


  • mzk1

    Looks like it was Fatah.

  • Jim from Iowa

    What’s up with Moshe Feiglin? Yesterday I read that he opposes a ground invasion and today he says Israel should invade Gaza, occupy it and build it up as a part of the Jewish state. Is this guy bi-polar or what?!!?

    • ziontruth

      Even in the thick of a war of aggression against Israel you find it fit to obsess about the Israeli Jewish Right? I’m no therapist, but I don’t think this is healthy.

      • Jim from Iowa

        Like you, I genuinely want what’s best for the Israeli people. We just disagree on how to go about it, that’s all. You want to go a way that’s extremely violent and endangers the lives of many Israelis and I want a negotiated settlement. How crazy is that?

        • mzk1

          I’m getting stuff from him and others. Primaries on Sunday. It’s strange for me to get used to the idea that parties can be created and lists changed so late in the game (as opposed to in the US).

          Oh the other hand, the bakeries have had doughnuts for Chanukah for over a month already. And you thought the US started early!

          Oh, happy Thanksgiving!

          • juvanya

            Yea it really is very odd. Especially all the uncertainty over several parties even running! Who will be where? Will some merge? Its nuts. I remember Avi Dichter dropped out like 2 days before the Kadima leadership election.

        • ziontruth

          What’s really crazy is that, with all that’s going on right now, you still believe a negotiated settlement is possible.

          The way I want to go is not really my way. It’s God’s way, the one He prescribed in the Torah (Numbers 33:50–53). I know what you think about this whole line, but as far as I’m concerned, God does not stop existing, nor does His word cease being true, just because people say religion should be kept out of politics—no more than the reality of fiscal collapse can be kept at bay by raising the debt ceiling and other such tricks.

          If God says that’s what is to be done, then He will support His nation and protect it while we’re doing it. Right now, Israel’s leadership avoids doing the Torah duty of ethnic cleansing out of fear of what the nations will say and do, and because of their fear and avoidance, terrorists lob rockets at us for years without retaliation, grade-Z foreign diplomats from Lower Slobovia tell the Jewish State what her rights and limits are, journalists defame Israel with impunity, and Jewish life is seen everywhere as free for the taking. We’re not licking honey from all our “pragmatic” efforts. Maybe firebrand ideological action per the Torah is the pragmatic solution.

          I wish all the nations of the world would just butt out of our affairs. All of them, out of all of our affairs. Neither praise nor criticism. Neither help nor hindrance. The nations had better unpoke their noses out of our business, otherwise one day things will turn out such that they will need divine intervention in order to survive. Even if we’re forced into the situation as was Serbia—victim of Islamic imperialist aggression, not the perpetrator as the Western media falsely portrayed it—we have something Serbia lacked. Everybody knows that. We are patient, and our leaders are craven, but the world cannot rely on it staying so forever. One day, if the world does not back off telling us how and where (or even whether) we may live on our own land—the Land of Israel entire; all dispute that it is ours is illegitimate!—we’ll be the ones making the threats for a change.

          Do not tempt us.

          • Jim from Iowa

            Not sure what to say except have a jelly doughnut on me. Happy Thanksgiving for those who celebrate.

          • mzk1

            Where does the Torah require such a thing?

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