BDS Fail Of The Day

One word: scary.

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  • Gerald

    That would make a good advert for Ahava.

    “Use Ahava Face Cream or you too could end up looking like this!”

  • Jim from Iowa

    This is too cruel and offensive (sounding). Please stop in the name of humanity or I’ll have to join past IsraellyCool Commenters Shy Guy and Ziontruth in IsraellyCool exile. By the way, is there a Dale Carnegie course on dealing with strong-willed, fanatically-dedicated religious Jews that would help me to engage them without pissing them off?

    • Aussie Dave

      I know Shy Guy had a fit and left, but when did Ziontruth leave?

      • Jim from Iowa

        Yesterday. He doesn’t truly blame you or me, per se. I think he was just fed up with my comments and your posts which didn’t speak to his specific values on Israel as a Jewish state.

  • E Pluribus Beagle

    I would dump many bottles of water and shampoo on their heads in the store there.

    • juvanya

      I would beat them to death.

  • juvanya

    Where is store security ever?

  • Honorary

    How scary to see these kind of stupids have the right to vote, and they also re-produce, ugh!
    These herds not only stupids – they are ugly too.
    The damn PLO ever do anything beside attacking Israel, I had never heard these terrorists ever build, made anything except keep screaming begging for foods and blaming on Israel. Remember Arafat – he was graduated from Israel – had his education there – and when the scumbag died, he left over $21 million to his wife!!!
    Where the f..k that he got the money from..the Human Rights, the Red Cross or ..

    • Norman B.

      $21 million? I thought he stole much more than that.

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