IDF Does Gangnam Style

Soldiers waiting to go to Gaza as part of Operation Pillar of Defense go Gangnam instead.

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  • Jim from Iowa

    Are these the same guys who spelled out “Bibi Loser” with their bodies after the ceasefire was declared?

    • mzk1

      Don’t understand – is Netanyahu trying to hurt himself politically, or is he just sacrificing himself for the country? First he joins with Lieberman, which costs them both votes, then he stops early, causing the whole South to be mad at him – and unlike the Gore campaign in Florida, we don’t suppress the military vote.

      • Jim from Iowa

        Don’t understand Israeli politics, but Gore supposedly suppressing the military vote in Florida in 2000 is your takeaway from that election?!!? MAJOR FAIL, mzk1. Go back and take remedial GE College Bowl challenge with emphasis on American Elections.

  • juvanya

    haha this had to happen after that tik tok thing

  • http://Values. Jack

    Sadly, been there, done that but not as well. No other way to say it…..these guys are a class act. In the face of what they were facing this looks like an ideal stress reliever.

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